Letter to the Editor – John Towndrow – Not Happy with Stephen Harper Prorgue of Parliament – Cornwall Ontario – December 31, 2009


Although not surprised, I am shocked and dismayed as once again Prime Minister Harper prorogues parliament, not for the good of the country but to avoid difficult issues that may further erode confidence in this government!

This is one more step in this government’s inexorable drift toward unchallenged power: ducking difficult questions around the Afghan detainees and attacking dedicated public servants, being absent for awkward issues like our border control in Cornwall, cutting off access to information, disrupting parliamentary committees, muzzling MP’s on virtually all issues, shutting down inquiries when the results don’t look good for the government – the list seems to go on and on.

John Towndrow – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Ummm… what border issues in Cornwall? Apparently our government doesn’t feel that the border issue in Cornwall is a big enough issue to visit. Otherwise, they would have already tried to do something about it. But while business on both sides of the border continue to suffer, our government, as well as Guy Lauzon, turn a blind eye towards what is going on around here, and this has been the same since the beginning of this whole fiasco.

    Ill give you the rest though. Cutting off access to info, silencing MP’s. Etc. We already know how Super Guy has been silenced from actually doing anything around here. Except of course for his golden handshake as soon as the next election comes up.

    Way to go government and Guy. I hope that whats going on is actually worth it to you and your propaganda wheel. Because I see things entering a sadder state, day and day again! And I won’t turn a blind eye to it!

  2. Author

    grimalot you can’t blame Mr. Harper for silencing Guy. I mean the man suggested as a solution to an International Crisis be the use of a building that had been torn down months before, and this in his own riding!

    Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you don’t say 🙂

  3. I agree with John Towndrow and all of the arguments against Harper proroguing the government.

    Harper has succeeded in making a mockery of the House of Commons, by effectively shutting down the opposition parties and thus denying democracy to Canadians. It is unconscionable that Harper is doing this, but even worse is the public’s reaction which seems almost non-existent.

    Harper has a minority government but is governing with the arrogance of a majority. He is deceiving Canadians by using a technical provision of parliament to “prorogue” or discontinue parliament until March 3, 2010 giving the government an extra two months when they will have free rein, and not open to oversight or criticism by the opposition parties.

    This provision is intended to be used when a government faces an emergency of some kind. It is not intended to obstruct democracy and be used for political gain by a party.

    And this is the second time that Harper has used ‘proroguing’ to escape scrutiny.

    The CONSERVATIVES must be soundly defeated in the next election. Harper has to go.

  4. Fortunately, the CONSERVATIVES will win the next election and will return to parliament with a majority!
    Then they’ll put the country on the right track! The “poor soul” will get re-elected too.

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