Nick Rizzuto Funeral 11 a.m. – Church of the Madonna Della Difesa – Saturday January 2, 2010 –

Mafia groupies, law enforcement, and generally large crowds are expected Saturday in the Little Italy section of Montreal where Nick Rizzuto Jr.’s funeral will take place.

No confirmation yet if his father will get released from prison in Colorado to attend.

The alleged murder weapon has been discovered as police continue their investigation of the 31st murder in Montreal for 2009.

Visitation is at a Funeral Home in nearby St. Leonard Quebec owned by his mother apparently.

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  1. it is a real loss for GXXXa Cammalleri Nick’s Mother who lives on XXXXXXX and his aunt, MXXX Rizzuto Renda, who lives XXXXXX that own the Loreto funeral home where Nick Junior Rizzuto will be processed . I remember when that funeral parlor was owned by CXXX Renda the son of PXXX Renda who is the husband of MXXX Rizzuto renda ( also Vito Victor Rizzuto’s sister). The same parlour was owned by RIZZUTO, NICOLA ( vito’s DAD) XXXXXXXXXX
    MONTRÉAL (QUÉBEC) the patriarch and Freddy Ruscitti in the mid 1990’s . The only reason the business became under the wives name is because you guys were scared that your assets would be seized under the proceeds of crime provisions of our beloved criminal code . It is a good thing for now that the majority of your family is behind bars . In a way you are safer there .
    All I can say is thank God for project collisee that was spear headed by the RCMP and the Montreal Police department, you put away a lot of dirt bags that deserved what they got.

    Incidentally you guys will have lost something that all your ill gained monies will never be able to replace that is your beloved Nick’s life . It is a tragedy for the police officers that have to deal with the mayhem that you have inflicted upon the city . No one can say that Nick deserved what happened to him , I hope that God will have mercy on his soul …
    Live by the sword die by the sword Gospel of Matthew, verse 26:52.
    You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands, you shall be blessed , and all shall be well with you .
    Psalm 128:2 .

  2. It is a sad loss for the family, however, there is good and bad in everyone, it is how we choose to view it. At the end of the day, it is true that if you live by the sword, you will likely die by the sword. If anyone ever cared to take a true and honest look at the groups being targeted, there is much less violence in the mafia than the up and coming wannabes. They sould be our our biggest fear. An organization as organized as the mafia does help, and italians are a good group of people who stick to themselves and should be left alone. Drugs are a given, however wrong it is, there will always be someone to look at making it profitable. In truth, it is our own government officials who turn a blind eye or are bought by those with money and power. Target the real criminals, who are employed by our own government.

    Take the blinders off people and look at the real criminals here, our government, and if that doesn’t open your eyes, then answer the fundamental question of how do they get these drugs into the country?

  3. It is a very sad day and a major blow to the Rizzuto Family
    Nick was a great guy, and did not deserve what happened to him !

    Jonnny Big Time . . . . FORGET YOU !!
    What the F**K do you know ?

    RIP Nick Jr.

    All My Condolences to Nicolo and Libertina,
    also Leonardo and Bettina

    All my respect,

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