Sir Captain Picard! Star Trek Actor Patrick Stewart Knighted – January 1, 2010

Apparently the fastest way to become a knight of the realm is to be an actor or singer, or gay, or some combination.

Congratulations to one of my favorite Star Trek captains, Patrick Stewart who was just so bestowed.


“The Queen is reported to be a fan of the actor, who recently starred alongside Sir Ian McKellan in Waiting For Godot in the West End.”

Patrick Stewart IMDB LINK.

Patrick Stewart WIKI.

“Sir Patrick Hewes Stewart[3] OBE, (born 13 July 1940) is a British filmtelevision and stage actor.

He has had a distinguished career in theatre and television for around half a century. He is most widely known for his television and film roles, as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films.”

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  1. I am really proud of Patrick Stewart to be Knighted by the Queen of England and i am coming to england soon to see him in Bingo in 2010 and i really but i always say to him Congratulations to Patrick Stewart he is so happy to see me again and he’s career is importment to him and me and won the Award for best actor in the world and he like me so much and he likes Sir Ian McKellan by his side as well including me too i want to say to him:
    Make it so number one

  2. Yes, make it so…..and boldly go….

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