Rumor has it……Cornwall City Councilor about to announce Run for Mayor’s Gig? Cornwall Ontario – January 2, 2010

January 4th is the opening date for candidates for mayor and city councilor nominations.

There are rumblings of a few names who are considering running.

My sources deep within Cornwall Ontario are telling me that Mark MacDonald a certain Cornwall Ontario city Councilor is about to make a press announcement on Monday (January 4th) to formally toss their hat into the mayoralty race.

Our current mayor, who as Editor of this newspaper I’m already endorsing, Bob Kilger, has already announced his intention to run again.

This would be his first challenger in the race.

If the rumor is true it would be the first mayoralty run for this councilor.

What do you think Cornwall?  Do you think anyone can beat Mayor Kilger in the next election for mayor here in Cornwall Ontario?

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  1. No I don’t think they stand a chance.

  2. Go Mark MacDonald! Mark MacDonald for Mayor!

  3. We definitely need some new aggressive blood that will better promote our city onto potential newcomers and I believe Kilger has run out of steam and Ideas on how to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I should run with the slogan ” I can’t do any worst then the other guys”

  5. Mark MacDonald is THE MAN!

  6. Most certainly! Anything is possible. We have a few dynamic articulate possibilities presently sitting on Council.

  7. I’ve heard rumors that Mayor Kilger, concerned as he is about balancing the city’s budget and keeping taxes down, does not take any salary as Mayor of Cornwall, but lives solely off his very comfortable MP’s pension.
    Does anyone know if this is true?

  8. If that is true, that sounds very admirable to me Watcher.

  9. The mayor earns $48,000 and the councillors about $15,000

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