Nigella Lawson turns 50 – Domestic Goddess and a major reason guys watch cooking shows – January 2, 2010

That is not the best photo of Nigella, but these darn copyright rules make it hard to use some of the better ones.

Ms Lawson turned 50.   It’s hard to believe.   Looking back it was the 90’s when I first saw her on TV.

She put some “zest” into cooking.  I mean, could you imagine a  shot of Julia Childs in a bubble bath during a show?

I think Ms Lawson connects the food and sex button in the brain.  IE both are akin to survival and when exposed to foods and people we find attractive our brains respond accordingly.

There are cooks that chew what they cook and the camera will cut away before they swallow.   Not our Nigella!

Here’s a story I just read with lots of tid bits about her.   They have much nicer pics too.

Happy Birthday and many more!


“9. The lesbian magazine DIVA last year voted her the fifth most desirable woman in the world, behind rivals including the singer Pink and Angelina Jolie. ‘I am flattered beyond words,’ she said.

10. Her on-screen sexy image is apparently just a ruse to help her with her nerves. When she started out, production sources say ‘she was very nervous and actually very shy. She kept fluffing her lines’  –  and so she filled in by licking her fingers, and on one infamous incident, even licked her fridge. ”

For more on Nigella Lawson check out her website.

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  1. Even if this is not the best photo of her, she still looks fantastic! In fact, I’m quite glad you used this photo instead of an official one, because this shows that she really is beautiful, it’s not makeup and photoshop that give her the illusion of beauty, like a lot of female celebrities who look great in magazines and on the red carpet, but look like crap in real life. Not to mention that at 50, Nigella looks 100 times hotter than most starlets half her age!

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