Your Quick Hits for Monday January 4, 2010

Here are your Quick Hits for Monday January 4, 2010

Icelander’s Fighting Foreign Bank Payout for Collapsed Bank

Dead Ants Found in Toronto McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito

Storm Partially Collapses Cornwall Ontario Soccer Dome

Unregistered Toronto College Fined

Would you Pay $18.95 for a Bottle of Beer at the LCBO?

“David Cacciottolo, who runs the LCBO’s beer category, says the stunning success in Ontario of Innis and Gunn’s oak-aged beers helped pave the way for ordering the Ola Dubh. So, he adds, did the popularity of single-malt Scotch here; $18.95 isn’t a lot for someone used to dropping $100 on a bottle of single malt.”

New Low Level Bridge Could Tax Cornwall Ontario

Speculation Surrounds Rizzuto Shooting

Matthew McConaughey Daddy’s a New Daughter Viva Aldes McConaughey

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