RCMP Cigarette Busts of the Week – January 5, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Here are the latest Illegal Cigarette busts of the week from Sgt. Michael Harvey of the local RCMP.

The following details are a summary of the contraband tobacco seizures made by the Cornwall RCMP Detachment from December 17th, 2009 to January 4th, 2010.

The seizures took place in Cornwall and South Glengarry and the RCMP assisted officers from Canada Border Services Agency, Ontario Provincial Police and the Cornwall Community

Police Service:

-6,750 re-sealable bags of contraband cigarettes seized

-600 cartons of Motagne brand cigarettes seized

-410 kilograms of fine cut tobacco seized

-2 vehicles seized

-arrested for possession of a tobacco product not properly stamped were a male (age 43) from L’Orignal, Ontario; male (age 42) from Ottawa, Ontario; male (age 24) from Cornwall, Ontario; male (age 20) Akwesasne, Ontario; male (age 59) Akwesasne, Ontario; female (age 42) Akwesasne, Ontario

-also arrested and tobacco charges laid were Keith Seyeu (age 34) from Cornwall, Ontario; James Oake (age 51) from St. Regis, Quebec who also was charged for failing to appear in court; Shannon Paul (age 26) from Sydney Nova Scotia who was also charged for obstruction, assaulting a peace officer and possession of a controlled substance

“There continues to be smuggling activity at seasonal properties located in South Glengarry, Ontario and we have been receiving calls from concerned public to ensure law enforcement disrupts this activity”, said Sgt. Michael Harvey of the RCMP.  “These recent seizures have included arrests of residents from outside the province as criminal organizations are making efforts to do business in the Cornwall region”.

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  1. It’s a pleasure to finally know the names of those arrested on cigarette smuggling charges. Many have done this for years, making unbelievable profits, and many deals were cut with the criminals letting them walk and protecting family members. The deals I know about were made by the FBI and ATF…sure hope Canadian Law Enforcement doesn’t cut the same un-necessary deals. Often the criminals know what names and info have already been provided, sometimes multiple times, and give the same info to the new agents to cut their deals and walk away laughing.

  2. What you just said made totally no sense… Obviously if they made a deal with someone that was busted they would publish there name on the internet….

  3. You have no clue about native rights ! for one and two if you are non native yes you should be taxed and fined because natives are exempt from goverment tax acording to federal law !!! as for religious reasons tabacco was used for ceremonial purposes as such we should have free range for transport and resale of this product!! for whatever need we see fit!!!! But no as if natives have not been pursecuted enough now we natives have to be fined and incarcerated for tabacco! where is the justice in that????? truth be told the goverment doesnt want none native to kill them selves on tobacco that didnt come from them in which they charged you a fortune for!!! we charge less than 20 bux for a carton the goverment charges over 80 bux a carton !!! you be the judge!!! go a head and pay 95 bux a carton to kill your self we dont care but you will not violate our rights to do it !!!!!!!!! Remember natives were here first you non natives are the minorities here !!!!!

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