Canada’s Conservative Created Structural Deficit Growing – Budget Officer Kevin Page – January 6, 2010

Even though Stephen Harper and his team are taking some time off from the jobs during their prorogation of Parliament, Budgetary Officer Kevin Page isn’t.

He’s about to deliver a report showing some devastating news regarding the Structural Deficit created by the lowering and of the GST and other factors.


“Canada faces a “structural” deficit – meaning the country will be stuck in the red even when the economy bounces back.

It is a conclusion that strikes at the core of one of the Conservative government’s most cherished accomplishments: slashing the goods and services tax rate to 5 per cent from 7 per cent. Each percentage point cut in the GST is estimated to cost the government about $6-billion in revenues.

But Mr. Page says the government has yet to come to grips with the revenue loss created by these and other tax cuts, leaving a future gap that has so far not been addressed.”

GRASS ROOTS FURY “Get back to work” is the rallying cry on a Facebook page that has been gaining thousands of

supporters each day since it was launched last week – approaching 20,000 by the end of the day on Monday.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is calling this a defining moment in Harper’s tenure – “one of those moments of supreme clarity,” Ignatieff wrote in an opinion piece. “The audacity. The epic scale of the cynicism. The arrogance of a regime that thinks it can get away with just about anything.”

There are a lot of very unhappy Canadians who feel that the Conservative Party MP’s should not be drawing their wages during prorogation or accumulating time towards their pensions as Mr. Harper chose to take this break from their very well paid duties.

You have to give Stephen Harper credit for helping bring a lot of Canadians together; mostly to object to his brutal handling of Democratic principles in running a western nation.

What do you think Canada? Feel free to post your comments.

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  1. This looks like a pre-election Liberal ad.(Who was it who said that the Conservatives want an election?) Iggy and Dub-ya belong in the same boat anyway, has-beens!
    BTW, what is the significance of the Harper/Bush photo?

  2. Kevin Page is a brave and an honest man. Harper thinks he can fool us forever. During the last election he said that we would not have an recession and not to worry. We should have worried. Now he is telling us that he can fix the deficit problem. We should worry. Many federal employees and especially Conservative MPs are just too chicken to face up to Harper.

  3. I think Rick Mercer should run for PM, I bet you he would be 1000x better than anyone so far. But sadly that won’t happen, we can’t actually have someone with a real brain on their shoulders in parliament.

  4. If not PM, then at least Rick Mercer should be GG!

  5. I agree grimalot. Mercer will at least make us laugh.

  6. Who’s starting rumours that Rick Mercer has a brain?

  7. i think our conservative government sucks there just in it for the money and does not want to help anyone out they say u have a right to speak if you vote for them ahha yeah right.Thats a bunch of BS there just in it for the money they dont care about any of us its like someone said in an article on here not to long ago guy lauzon hides all the time he’s only there for certain things like the olympic event that happened in lamoureux now hes gone hiding in the shadows again until we get a half decent government that willing to hear out what canadians have to say i refuse to vote harper is a crook and doesnt care about anyone but himself. and the same goes for guy lauzon
    (THIS POSTER IS NOT JAMIE – Editor of the Cornwall Free News. It’s another Jamie)

  8. to the person that wants to know whats with the harper/bush photo the reason is cause there both alike there crooks there not trying to fix the economy there trying to bankrupt it
    (THIS POSTER IS NOT JAMIE – Editor of the Cornwall Free News. It’s another Jamie)

  9. Oh yes Jamie (not the Editor of the Cornwall Free News but the other Jamie that posts) the photo where they look alike…..must be the suits!

  10. Fortunately Kevin Page was able to disclose the financial situation of the federal government even though parliament is shut down. The structural deficit will be a huge burden on our economy.

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