Google Rolls out NEXUS ONE – Just not here in Canada yet! January 6, 2010

Google is a very smart company.   The convergence of Cell phones and Note book computers is quickly running up.   Today more and more people are using their phones for many of the things they’d do on their computer.

Now there are Net Books which like like mini notebooks and are not much bigger than some phones.

Google, wanting to grow and retain their core search business have brought out the Nexus One phone.  It’s unlocked and uses their Android operating system.

LINK “By launching its long-anticipated Nexus One wireless device with Google’s Android operating system, Google is wading into a lucrative but hotly competitive segment of technology, hoping to ensure its highly profitable search engine – and accompanying advertising – will remain a premier gateway to the Web for consumers even as computing rapidly evolves into a wireless experience.

However, the unlocked phone, which operates on the GSM network, could be purchased outside Canada and used here because all it requires is a SIM card”

I see a lot of Iphones and Blackberry’s in Cornwall.   Will you be getting a Nexus One?

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