Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger on the Challenges of Earning a Second Term – Cornwall Ontario – January 7, 2010

Mayor Bob Kilger took a rare moment out of his busy schedule to sit down, answer a few questions, and talk about one of his favorite subjects, Cornwall Ontario and its future.

Mayor Kilger is about to embark on on his second campaign to be Mayor of Cornwall.   We talked about some of the challenges he’s faced so far as he reminded me that there’s nearly a year left of work in his first term.

The difference between being a MP and Mayor being that things were more personal as Mayor.  Closer relationships with council and residents were things that Mr. Kilger noted.

The Mayor talked about meat and potato challenges like the economy,residential municipal taxes which he feels are at the forefront of concerns for voters.

The future of Cornwall and his vision were also areas we discussed. Mr. Kilger shared the Culture and the Arts are a big part of the area’s future and that more needed to be done to tap into the vein of talent that runs through the city.

He discussed the tremendous strides taken in recreational infrastructure projects like the 3+1 Arena, gymnasium projects, splashpad, and soccer fields that are underway in Cornwall.

Mayor Kilger was also very proud of the stability of council and how that even though they may disagree at times, the respectful manner in which the council has worked through issues this term has made it productive, and that he hopes to continue that if elected again.

He also gave credit to MPP Jim Brownell and MP Guy Lauzon for being strong partners as Cornwall’s economy transformed and evolved speaking also of the noticeable change in attitude he sees now with people having more confidence and optimism in our city.

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