Eastern Ontario Training Board “Learning Garden” created. Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Denis Thibault – MPP Jim Brownell – January 7, 2010 Markus Noé & Staff

The Starbright Resource Center located across the street from city hall welcomed MPP Jim Brownell yesterday.

Brownell was there with other local dignitaries Dennis Thibault and Councilor Bernadette Clement to announce funding for two new programs.

The Eastern Ontario Training Board has received $44,954 that will be used to develop a program called the “Learning Garden”.

This Learning Garden will be a community project that will take place on the Seaway Seniors’ Centre.

The idea behind this program is that by making it easier for everyone to access healthier food, it will translate to making this a overall healthier community.

The Canadian Mental Health Association has received $32,567. This funding will go to a two year fitness and wellness program.

It is believed that this program will reach “500 participants who have severe mental illness, concurrent disorderand/or socially isolated individuals that reside in the Champlain East Region”.

The fitness program will include yoga, Wii Move, Tai Chi a walking club and the development and delivery of “healthy eating kitchen” groups.

Pictured at right Denis Thibeault, Jennifer Mattice, MPP Jim Brownell, France Perreault, and Els Cordell


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  1. Sounds like 2 great programs that will benefit many people.

    Hopefully all Ontario MPP`s will support MPP Cheri DiNovo`s Bill 222

    The millions that will be saved in getting rid of costly ineffective Legislation will go a long way towards putting more “Learning Gardens” in every community in Ontario.

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