Proroguing of Parliament Poll – Cast your vote – Cornwall Ontario – January 7, 2010

Proroguing of Parliament.  Take our poll and share what you think by posting your comment.   Most of you who read this of course know by now that Stephen Harper and the Minority Conservative government of Canada have prorogued Parliament for the second time in their mandate.

Many Canadians are quite upset by this; then again I’m sure many don’t care either.    We have decided to ask you, our valued viewers to cast your ballot to our Proroguing question.

Should MPs Draw their Salaries and Accrue Pension time while Prorouged?

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  1. This government’s suspension of Parliament (and the reckless disregard for accessible and accountable democracy) is intolerable. The Prime Minister is clearly incapable, unworthy, and a disgrace to his post — he must be removed.

    And as for the useless waste of space that acts as our own Member of Parliament… he is as reprehensible an example of this government as anyone. Along with his fellow hypocrites, Guy Lauzon railed against reduced hour requirements to collect Employment Insurance benefits — calling it a 45 day work year. Well if anyone would know about a 45 day work year it would be a government MP. We need to turf these “representatives” out.

    And we can start at home with Guy Lauzon; a fellow that thinks he was elected to busy letter carriers with his taxpayer funded junk mail, and to jump in front of a camera at every photo-op …why this guy would go to the opening of a letter if he thought there were a photographer on hand.

    He is now hunkered down waiting, just hoping that the next election will be after 10 July, 2010(, so that he scores the pension and benefits not permitted even to his own constituents — full pension after 6 years no claw back at age 65 …etc. (even Canadians risking death and dismemberment serving in our armed forces can expect only a pittance in comparison)

    These rogues need to be dragged to the curb for pickup …the trash that they are.

  2. Proroguing parliament means the Federal government won’t be doing anything for 2 months.

    How is that a bad thing?

  3. 100% agreed, glad to see you here as well City Man.

    And Jamie, is that a proroguing perogie I see in the picture above? Thats an insult to perogies.

  4. The saying goes, you are what you eat, your government is what you choose. Our government has a parking lot attendant mentality, that applies to the lot of them, right, center, left and separatist. The leaders lack, lustre,vision and smarts. What they lack, they make up with verbose quarrels, self interest and pettiness. We are content with third rates running our country, so quit complaining as Canada deserves the government it voted for. This is one ugly side effect of democracy when we the people elect incompetents and failures to govern us. I reflect the nation’s disillusion with politics in Canada. Are we sure we want others to have our disfunctional system when we preach democracy and human rights to the rest of the world.

  5. This has been done 104 times in the past, I suspect was not so fussed about when the Liberals did it. The Conservatives will soon have a senate plurality and that is likely why it was done, to help get bills through the unelected mostly useless senate. Abolish the senate.

  6. Rick Shaw and Rolf: You have both hit it right on the head! We deserve what we voted in! Lets stop all the complaining and whining and get on with it!

  7. If Canadians as a whole remain apathetic such has been the case lately, then yes, they deserve the government they have. But, you cannot change apathy without raising your voice and making people aware. So personally, I think we can have better, we just have to call for it!

  8. What heads are we talking about here, Harper’s or the Conservatives, or perhaps, us the people? It’s quite obvious who is partisan here, or worst, who is apathetic. Shame on you!

    People who are buying into either or of the two rhetoric arguments the Harper government is putting out, should be double ashamed!

    For one, what do you know about the senate reform; or put another way, what do you know about political science? This Senate reform thing is a partisan move supposedly in the name of democracy, what a farce! Go and read up on the bills that they are trying to pass, you’ll feel undercut as a citizen and will see why this is just another one of Harper’s partisan hoax (in the name of democracy!).

    Secondly, why would you ever take the word of a politician when they say ‘trust me’? This Afghanistan issue is becoming more and more suspicious for me personally, but more importantly, I’m also noticing for many people around the country as well, and I suggest you should be raising your suspicious eye too. How can we all call ourselves a democratic country and think we can instill democracy in a third world country, when every time the going gets tough in the House of Commons, our government thinks they can suspend work to refuge in the name of Democracy!? Boy, we must be apathetic. Go Olympics Go!



  9. That’s what I was saying. People need to start getting out of the apathy and start making their voices heard. I hear some keeping up the rhetoric that Harper is good for the country, that Lauzon is good for around here. And I ask them, what have any of them “actually” done, other than tooting their own horns, or blasting the opposition, for anyone?

  10. Amen Grimalot.

    Guy “I’m Just The Messenger” Lauzon is applauded for being a hard worker. What has he worked hard at? He has been incognito during the whole bridge crisis. Oh, he has spent countless hours campaigning, paying lip service to Herr Furher Harper and attacking the opposition. Why so many people vote for him is a complete mystery to me.

  11. Author

    Hi, I can’t believe I’m doing, this but I’m going to defend Guy Lauzon; at least hypothetically. If you look at Akwesasne, the MCA, the different factions it can be very difficult if you are the Canadian government to resolve any issue.

    Now I’m not suggesting that this is how I’d do it, but it looks more and more to me that what Stephen Harper has done via pigeons like Mr. Lauzon is simply decide that his strategy is to do nothing until Akwesasne gives in and allows CBSA their guns and their old post back with the field next to it so that they can build a shiny new facility like the US and a purty new bridge.

    Now this is just speculation. It’s not like Mr. Lauzon whispers sweet nothings in my ear, but as time drifts it looks more and more like this is the strategy and the odd thing, from what I’m hearing, is that it just might be working.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this Spring some sort of announcement is made that allows the CBSA back to the Island with their guns followed by a later announcement of a new facility and new bridge.

    And then Guy Lauzon will be there to cut a ribbon and smile before the media.

    If all this is true you have to give the Harper government credit.

  12. Sorry, I wasn’t talking about the bridge in this issue. I gave up on that myself. It has ruined business for me and at this point, there is honestly nothing I can do about it. Those customers just aren’t coming back, regardless of any 3rd lane, special lane, concession made from either side, whatever. It is sad that this tarnishing of Canada has taken place altogether in this whole bridge issue. But like I said, no use beating a dead horse, its not going to come to life again at this point.

    My original question remains, just what has “Super Guy” done for around here? I would really like an honest answer from a 3rd party, not from Guy Lauzon’s website tooting his own horn. I hear farmers really like him, why? I really want to know. What has he honestly done?

    But this subject is about the proroguing of parliament. Personally its an affront to me. I can see various different responses on the matter. But again, regardless of what self detriment it is to me, I am raising my voice. I am fed up with the way things are being run with this country. I get sickened every time I see a propaganda video telling me just what our government has “Apparently” done for us. All I see is a 55 billion dollar hole, HST, civil unrest in various areas, apathy towards government, taxpayer money blown at a whim, etc. While our country keeps getting punched in the face and given a black eye abroad, all while the “Cons” are trying to tone it down with their sudden rhetoric that we’re on the bounce back from this all. What a load of BS! And the unfortunate part is that people are falling for it, while its all on our dime.

    I want our PM in office (actually a different PM but that is a matter of time), I want Guy manning his job, I want the other MP’s manning their job, I want democracy restored, I want value for my money, I don’t know about anyone else.

    I keep hearing the rhetoric “National Security”. And I keep hearing about supposed “Transparency”. Well the only way I can see things right now, is the national secret is all about “Covering up the pseudo-transparency” that we have received. Or not received. Seems like our “Con”servative government has a lot to hide. So much for the transparency!

  13. This is a new low for this government. From whatever angle you look at it, it looks partisan, opportunistic, and shows an absolute contempt for democracy and both for those who voted for it or against. On the other side of things, this show of disrespect may help citizens to see this government and its cronies for what they are.

  14. I’m attending the rally on the 23rd in Ottawa. Those of you who would be interested in participating to this up and coming and unprecedented grass root rally are all encouraged to come. For those who do not know, this will be a peaceful non-partisan rally, but one with great solidarity.

    For more information, visit these links:

    For those interested in going:”Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament-Rally” go to:

    for those interested in participating with the planning committee (yesterday evening was the first, and another one is being held tonight) go to:
    “Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Planning Committee (Ottawa Chapter)”

    Saturday, January 23, 2010
    1:00pm – 4:00pm
    Various Locations Across Canada


  15. At last estimate the population of Canada was about 33,873,400. The Facebook gizmo with people protesting the proroguing of parliament stands about 135,000.
    Thats about 0.004% of the population – hardly a majority of protesters!
    I think they’re just the typical complainers – every society has them.

  16. Thank you to the complainers. It is certainly not the Conservative MPs that are complaining. They haven’t been allowed to think for themselves since Harper took over and can only repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat what Harper tells them to say. The 135,000 complainers far outnumber the 143 Conservative MPs.

  17. Consider:

    ♥ 13,675,146 voters as per votes cast in the last election.
    ♥ 148,000 members of the Canadians Against Proroguing Facebook group. (there were 50,000 reported on January 6, then 1000,000 reported January 8, then 148,000 reported on january 10 …so I think we can see where this is headed)
    ♥ 20% – 25% of Canadians (at most) actively using Facebook

    I’d say there’s a pretty good groundswell against Steven Harper

  18. Yes, and if no one raises their voice, then things will remain status quo on that part. Id rather be one of those 135,000 actually raising my voice, then to sit on the sidelines watching Harper and the Cons making a mockery of our political system and Country!

    And I see there are 3 groups started called: Canadians for proroguing parliament.

    There is 287, 28, and 1 member in each of those groups. So I guess that would be .000000001 of Canada speaking up for prorogation of parliament Stan.

    Majority wins. May Harper hopefully go down!

  19. grimalot: Those other groups like Canadians for Proroguing Parliament are actually groups started by the Canadians Against Proroguing so that they can manipulate the statistics to make it look like they’re winning the statistic war. Stop compalining and get on with it- don’t let this run your life!

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