Tom Manley of Homestead Organics hosts a Local Food, Wine & Beer dinner – Saturday January 9, 2010

Tom Manley hosted a lovely evening at his own homestead this past Saturday evening.   Featured were fine fresh foods from local producers, some amazing local wine, and Beau’s Brew.    Even the coffee had a local flavour as the beans were freshly roasted locally from Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee. (Tom pictured with his partner Isabelle Masson)

Isabelle and Tom spent the day preparing some amazing treats include a Red Deer Stew, A tofu stew, locally prepared cold cuts, and the most amazing cheese I’ve had in a long time!

The party, attended by about twenty local friends and family was a lovely time.  Good food, good company, some lovely wine, and a clear starry winter’s night.

For more information about local foods you can check out Homestead Organics or SD&G Farm Fresh

And just a reminder that Eco Farm Day is coming up fast!  Tom is chair of this year’s event taking place February 26-27 here in Cornwall Ontario.

Eco Farm Day is hosted by Canadian Organic Growers – Ottawa Chapter.  COG is the national voice for organics in Canada. COG Ottawa, with over 500 members, hosts major activities to the benefit of organic consumers and farmers.

Their mission is to lead local and national communities towards sustainable organic stewardship of land, food and fibre while respecting nature, upholding social justice and protecting natural resources.

For more information about the Canadian Organic Growers and the Ottawa Chapter click HERE


  1. As one of the guests for this inspiring evening, I want to congratulate Tom and Isabelle for reminding us that not only is local best, it is delicious.The amazing assortment of foods presented serve to remind us that organics and healthy choices are readily available in our own neighbourhood, we need only to pause and take a look around us. I hope to be equally inspiring with the events I host this year – Tom and Isabelle certainly planted the seed for a higher level of consciousness re: supporting local farm and food businesses.

    Betty Healey

  2. Marvellous hospitality and wonderful company!

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