OPP Number 1 Julian Fantino to be Prosecuted by Crown – Ontario – January 12, 2010

Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, Julian Fantino is to be prosecuted by the Crown.


Mr. Fantino is facing a criminal charge of attempting to influence municipal officials as a result of an email he sent in 2007 to a councillor in Haldimand County in Southern Ontario, related to the Caledonia land dispute.

In the email, Mr. Fantino pledged that he would recommend that the OPP policing contract with the county “not be renewed” if it continued to support Gary McHale.”

It should be an interesting case.  Mr. Fantino is not being asked to step down during the process.

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  1. No doubt the Crown will stay these latest private prosecution charges put forth by Binbrook (Hamilton) resident Gary McHale who is barred from Caledonia due to bail conditions of his own. Its like the endless circle a dog creates chasing its tail. If warning Haldimand council about the cause and effect of having McHale and his followers hanging around Caledonia is a crime, Ontario justice is farther off the rails than I thought.

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