Letter to the Editor – Brian Johnson – A Call to Tim Hortons to Save Haitians – January 14, 2010

A Call to Tim Hortons to Save Haitians

In Haiti, millions are homeless and hundreds of thousands are missing and feared dead. Eight Hospitals are damaged and/or destroyed, leaving them ill-equipped to handle the injured. There will be a desperate need for clean water, food, Doctors and Nurses. History shows that many are going to die from living conditions they will be exposed to in the coming weeks. Many of the injured will not get help in time and will succumb to their injuries.

I urge Tim Hortons and other compassionate restaurants to ask customers if they would like to donate to the Red Cross Haitian relief effort, at time of ordering for a few days. We live in an extremely privileged society, where we don’t even have to get out of our vehicle to get a meal, while Haitians worry if they can keep themselves and their children alive until aid arrives. Remember most of their food and drinking water will be under rubble.

Most of us have witnessed the joy in a child’s face when a box of donuts is brought home.  Imagine the appreciation a Haitian family would have “if” they were given a life saving meal or as their loved ones and pets are rescued from the rubble. Try not to imagine the horror, as scores of onlookers emote as bodies of loved ones are removed from the rubble. I am sure the American “news” will have plenty of that footage.

Canada must send as much aid as our infrastructure can bear. This is a truly a life and death situation, and we must act as swiftly as our Prime Minister. We have the technology and compassion to render aid to Haiti in world record time.

Brian Johnson
Wingham, Ontario

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  1. Haven’t the Haitians suffered enough. Now you want to inflict Tim Horton’s idea of coffee on them.

  2. Tim Hortons will be sending out a news release first thing Monday morning to announce how they, and the rest of Canada, will be helping the people of Haiti.

  3. After you’ve lost everything, you get donuts and coffee heaped on you! Thats a real help!

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