Q&A with Sgt. Michael Harvey of the RCMP – How far is too far? : What to do if you are Witnessing Smuggling Activity? – Cornwall Ontario – January 14, 2010 by Markus Noé

How far is too far? : What to do if you are Witnessing Smuggling Activity? by  Markus Noé

Cornwall Ontario – Last week an article was published on this website about Logan Grant. A security guard who works at the Civic Complex that single handedly stopped a smuggling transaction. This story received a fair amount of attention and sparked debate about how involved a civilian should get on their own. To outline this, there was only one man to talk to, Media Spokesman Sgt. Michael Harvey of the RCMP.

Here are a series of questions that was asked to and answered by Sgt. Harvey.

Q: What can a regular citizen in Cornwall do to help in the ongoing battle against smuggling? (Do and don’t)

A: Do: I would encourage the general public to notify the police as soon as they observe strange activity or see new vehicles in the area.  Smugglers usually have patterns and will return to the same location if they were successful.  The earlier you get the authorities involved, the faster we can get the problem solved.

Don’t: Do not approach those involved in suspicious activity.

Q: What are the current local smuggling trends?

A: Smugglers are modifying their vehicles in order to conceal the contraband tobacco they are transporting. Since the Port of Entry moved into Cornwall, we have seen an increase in smuggling activity on the St. Lawrence River.  Most recently, boat loads would deliver contraband tobacco to the shores of seasonal properties located in South Glengarry, Ontario where awaiting vehicles would load up the contraband to drive away.  In some cases the smugglers would use vacant cottages and boat houses to store the contraband.

In Cornwall we have seen smugglers in large groups moving contraband tobacco from boats in the downtown area and the East end of Cornwall and carrying the tobacco on foot to nearby residents to store and load up awaiting vehicles.  In one recent seizure there were six men walking with cardboard boxes across a frozen canal in the east end and taking it to a nearby vehicle and residence.

Q: How helpful is it for a guy like Logan Grant to take matters into his own hands instead of ignoring the situation.

A: Although in this case it proved to be very helpful, we must advise everyone not to approach any suspects because of the potential risk that the suspects may use a weapon to protect their commodity.

It is best to contact local law enforcement first so that we can disrupt the activity before it becomes a public safety issue. We understand that many people are afraid to get involved but if they contact the local Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 they can provide the information anonymously.

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  1. Dear Mr. Harvey,

    When the deal to buy Domtar property was being put together did the police not notice that one or two of the Paris Holdings financiers was of interest to the police?

    Did the police not suspect that drug, smuggling and skimmed casino cash was being poured into the purchase of Domtar land?

    Did the police not notice that one of the financiers, Trenholm Healy was the owner of United Trust of Switzerland (a shell company that sounded a bit like a financial institution).

    Did police not notice that one of the financiers, Trenholm Healy reportedly set up William J. Wise with the United Trust of Switzerland and received a position at the Millenium Bank. The Millenium Bank and the United Trust of Switzerland being the vehicle for a Ponzi scheme that stole over $100,000,000 from investors.

    Did police notice that Trenholm Healy and William Wise coincidentally made hefty donations together for the Cornwall Community Hospital (and wonder whose money)?

    Did police think it strange that William Wise gave Trenholm Healy a million dollars, and that Healy gave a million dollars to his wife when he left for Akwesasne?

    Are the police as in the dark about Healy’s plans to leave Canada to take up residence in warmer climes as is his current gal on the island?

    Does anyone care that the purchase of the Domtar land comes with a lawsuit against ICI for mercury pollution in Cornwall, and that Mr. Healy stands to collect millions even though it is the people of Cornwall that have been poisoned?

    Jamie if you’re not going to print this, it least ask the good Sgt. Harvey how this is allowed to continue, or maybe ask your friends on the Island how the girlfriend and the kids feel about being single again.

    Ask Bob Kilger about William Wise’s southern hospitality while you’re at it (and maybe you yourself need to be more picky about who you consort with).

  2. Author

    Trent if you’re going to take shots at people perhaps you should not be anonymous about it and let them take shots back at you or at least have a valid email address?

  3. Jamie, how safe do you think it is to reveal criminality and corruption when law enforcement looks the other way? There are several organized crime groups involved with gambling and contraband (on the Island and off) and they are not polite to people that point them out.

    You must be well aware that the OPP is not only permissive when dealing with native issues, but they will even step on personal rights, and bully municipal governments, to avoid doing their duty; in Caledonia and alledgedly by Fantino for example.

    Pick up the phone and call PARIS Holdings, get Trenholm’s number, maybe a little three-way conference with Harvey… ask Kilger about his campaign contributions.

    These aren’t shots Jamie, it’s public knowledge; everything from financing of PARIS Holdings, Healy’s dealings with Wise, Cornwall Community Hospital donations, Liberal donations, ICI lawsuit against AKZONOBEL… A citizen that puts this much information on the table should not have to take on the burden that rests squarely with law enforcement. It is their duty to pick up the ball.

  4. Author

    Trent I’m sure there are processes for allegations of this nature. Perhaps not in a public forum delivered anonymously? And I’m sure you’re taking some of these. As a newspaper we can’t print anything that can get us sued or cause damage to people. I’m sure you can appreciate that. And some of the nature of what you’re posting is more Letter to the Editor that a response to a post, no?

    Again, I think the posting anonymously is a slippery slope. While I understand why some people do it I still think there should be some form of accoutability; perhaps if you post a link to your web page or an email address for those your attacking to respond to it’d be a more fair process?

  5. Will do, in the meantime have a further chat with Mr. Harvey and you’ll see why there is no fear of a libel suit; because the truth is a recognized defence in Canadian law.

  6. To admin. Most of the posts on items in your wonderful paper are anonymous and most posts would not be sent in if the posters had to give their full names and emails. What is your policy regarding what you will allow to be posted? What is not permitted?

  7. To admin. I used to read your paper everyday but with your comments to Trent, I am not so sure of your integrity as a newspaper when it comes to impartiality. Your paper came up with the article with an option to respond to it. So Trent did. Why would he need to post it as a “Letter to the Editor”? And btw, your accusing tone to Trent sounded impartial to my ears(taking shots,attacking people). As a responsible newspaper, who gives you the right to be executioner? Like I said this is supposed to be Public forum and Trent did just that, he expressed is opinion.

  8. Author

    Stef we get a lot of information submitted to us. Some via comment, some via letter to the editor. When someone makes accusations or hints of accusations we prefer it be done as a letter to the editor that is signed by the attacker and not as an anonymous stab in the dark.

    It’s not about partiality for us. And it is about our integrity and credibility. We are not here to act as an attack platform for people to settle grudges or attack each other.

    Also, Trent has posted that info before. He simply was repeating the same accusations. As I shared in the response to Trent a Letter to the Editor was the place for the nature of what he’s trying to communicate. When you post a LTE you have to sign your name and provide your contact information which we can verify or contact the letter writer if need be.

    What we offer people is a platform to speak from. That’s the free in free news. And when you stand on a soap box you can’t complain if someone throws a tomato at you.

    Thank you for reading our paper and thank you for posting. We hope you keep reading and being a part of our community newspaper.

  9. Dear Admin,

    So, did you ever get back to Sgt. Harvey and ask about the issues I raised?

    For someone that purports to be part of the press, it’s hard to believe you let a story like this go by. Sure I didn’t catch anyone with a bag of tobacco, but I did a lot of homework and investigating, the least you could do is exercise some journalistic responsibility and follow it up.

    I mean, what do I have to do …book a flight? and e-mail you shots of our “banker’s” new spread?(BTW it’s warmish and just a short trip to the vault)

    Your Pal,

  10. Author

    Dearest Trent,

    I suggest you apply to become one of our Journalism interns or Community Commentators. As a tiny fledgling entity we have very limited time and resources. We tend to cover news as it comes through our doors (metaphorically speaking of course) and as it’s timely. I’m not suggesting the comments you’re making are not germane or important; just trying to answer your question. You can reach us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or our hotline during business hours 613.361.1755.

    Thanks, your pal, Jamie

  11. I am new to this site and I completely agree with the publisher. Anyone can submit an anonymous letter and false info and these allegations are very serious.. If Trent did a lot of homework and investigation as he suggests, why hasn’t HE brought the info to the authorities.

  12. Dear Auntie,

    Information is freely available in legal and government documents (most of them accessible through credible websites).

    And the OPP Anti-Rackets have the information. The only question is, “Why do they sit on it?”

    Most everyone on the Island knows who Healy, Rose and Stanley are and their relationship, and some even wonder why Healy got to live there.

    Officials in neither jurisdiction just don’t seem to want to take ownership of the mess (Caledonia is a prime example of what a hot potato it is to handle law enforcement where native land and residents are concerned).

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