Canadians Have Spoken – Letter to the Editor from Bernadette Clement – Federal Liberal Candidate SD&G – January 15, 2010

Canadians have spoken. Most of them are not happy with the Conservative decision to close down Parliament. I agree with them.

But Canadians are also tired of old-style party politics. I agree with that too. Younger Canadians are especially disappointed with this approach.

There is so much that we need to discuss reasonably together. We need to find common ground to fix our major problems that aren’t getting the proper attention. For example we need to plan now to make sure that our health care is truly protected. An aging population will need this and other essential services more than ever. We need to find a way to make sure that proper pensions will be there when needed.

Locally, we need to listen to each other and to find solutions to the major problems we face, including the bridge/border issue, and making sure that the future does not pass us by in terms of jobs and prosperity.

And so I extend an open invitation to my colleague Mr Guy Lauzon for us to set old-style politics aside and to meet with me so that we can begin this discussion right here and now. Politics should be less of a war, and more of a common cause for the good of all Canadians.

Bernadette Clement

Federal Liberal Candidate

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  1. You say “Canadians have spoken. Most of them are not happy with the Conservative decision to close-down Parliament” I have a problem with your statement in that there seem to be about 150,000 listed as being against proroguation and the population of Canada is over 33 Million. Does that sound like “most Canadians”? We know about your inflation and deflation of statistics from past Liberal scandals. On that subject I can TRUTHFULLY say that “most Canadians” are aware.
    If you really want to discuss the future of Canada and the good of all Canadians with Mr.Lauzon, I suggest you leave your spinning wheel at home! We’re not all fools!

  2. Stan, I think you’re being a little unfair here. 150,000 is an awful lot of people, especially when you consider that it requires some time and effort to go onto Facebook. Don’t forget, also, that Facebook’s privacy policy has been condemned, and there is nothing to stop the Harper government from finding out exactly who they are, and subjecting them to an income tax audit.
    Bernadette Clement is to be congratulated and encouraged for trying to bring Lauzon out into the public eye to answer questions – after all, no one else seems to have succeeded.
    Personally, I don’t believe Guy Lauzon is a coward for refusing to appear in public. In actual fact, he is a Reform Party hologram, in the same manner as the Emergency Medical Hologram on Startrek Voyageur, directly controlled by Stephen Harper. In this case, however, it would have been too complicated to program a hologram to actually listen to questions and give intelligent answers, much as it is too complicated for Stephen Harper to do the same.

  3. Stan’s being disingenuous, something Canadians on the right are very good at. One commonality in the latest round of opinion polls that’s quite interesting (and not given the attention it is due) is the fact that the three parties to the left of the Liberal Party currently enjoy a plurality of popular support.This phenomenon has occurred (with the mainstream media’s conspicuous unwillingness to draw attention to it) on a number of occasions since the Sponsorship Scandal led to an erosion of Liberal support, and I’ve written to the Standard-Freeholder about it on a number of occasions, getting published more often than not.

    Have the fact-checkers at that paper gotten any smarter since my having moved to Ottawa? I distinctly remember the editor writing, circa 2005, that the Conservatives won a MAJORITY of the national popular vote in the 2004 Canadian election, when, in fact, the result had been a Liberal plurality. I had a good chuckle at that one.

    Is our good friend Pastor Tom Newton still conjuring up nonsensical diatribes about homosexuality being comparable to theft and sexual assault in its evil, about Scripture alone being a legitimate basis for blindly supporting Israel, or about the Southern Baptists being tools of Satan for working on joint initiatives with Catholic churches? Man, I was so tempted to go to one of his services just to see if he’s as nuts as his letters suggested.

  4. BolivarianHero, the latest poll indicates:

    Question of the Day on
    Which party would you vote for if a Federal election was called tomorrow?
    Conservatives 52%
    Liberals 24%
    NDP 8%
    Bloc Québécois 1%
    Not Sure 15%
    15867 responses, not scientifically valid, results

  5. Nice commentary BolivarianHero.

    And yes, Pastor Tom is poking around here and there. His latest tirade is about how those reading their horoscopes (apparently idolizing) are going to hell, along with all the gay people.

  6. Why, do they read horoscopes too?

  7. Liberals can not get over the fact that Conservatives are in power. Ms. Clement, the Liberals still need to pay for Shawinigate and adscam. I know it is provinical Liberal territory, but I want my billion dollars back from E-Health too!

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