Cornwall Number 3 with a Bullet for Wild Card Spot on New Monopoly Canada Board – Cornwall Ontario – January 15, 2010

Keep it working Cornwall Ontario and friends!  We’re at number 3.   Get to an internet connection and vote today and for the next 38 days until we’re number 1!

The contest is to decide on a wild card spot on the board.  Cities from across Canada are vying for the last spot.

If you don’t have regular internet service you can go to the Library or two of the internet cafe’s which aren’t charging anything to log a vote in, Island Ink Jet & Laser Toner on Pitt Street and Cafe Connectionz on Water Street.

Show your pride and vote each and every day.  Tell your friends; tell your family; tell people who don’t really like, but let’s all get this done and show the world and all of Canada!

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