Cornwall Ontario Falls back to number 2 for Monopoly Canada Wildcard Spot! – Cornwall Ontario – January 21, 2010

Ok Cornwall.  Cut the slacking.   We don’t post about it for 3 days and we fall back to number 2!    There’s only one spot for this city and it’s number 1!  Monopoly Canada needs a city of our refined qualities and flavor!

Remember to vote each day.   You have to type in the box at the bottom after logging in where it says to nominate.   As Cornwall is a wild card city you won’t see it on the list at the left.  We’re purely a write in choice and let’s show Canada what a choice we are.

It’s one vote per email address so if you have more than one email address make them count!   Voting goes for another 31 days.

Click the LINK.   Then all you have to do is click log in.  If it’s your first time then you have to register.  Each time you vote you have to log in and then nominate Cornwall, Ontario in the bottom box and bingo!  Another vote will be registered to Cornwall.

And if you need access to the net both Island Inkjet & Laser Toner who have an internet cafe at 256 Pitt Street and Café Connectionz on Water Street are offering free internet to nominate our city.

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  1. We came in second place a few years ago for Hockeyville. Cornwall has had some image problems: economic downturn and job losses, U.S. boarder problems, and the inquiry just to name a few. Winning a spot on Monopoly Canada would give Cornwall a much needed boost and give the community something to be proud of – and our community needs a win, even if it is something silly like a Monopoly game. We need to learn how to win again. Cornwall has moved back into first place on the Monopoly Wildcard race! Yay Cornwall!! Keep Voting!!!

  2. Author

    They also have to say the right things the right times or those darn lawyers get in the middle.

  3. Cornwall is back to #1 for the wildcard cities. Go vote again.

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