Cornwall Senators? Now that would sell some seats. Rumors n Rumblins – NHL – Cornwall Ontario – January 21, 2010

Cornwall Senators?  Now that would sell some seats.  Rumors n Rumblins – NHL – Cornwall Ontario – January 21, 2010

I think the Civic Complex would sell every seat they could fill if this happens.    Rumors are swirling that the Ottawa Senators of the NHL will move their Binghamton farm team to Cornwall Ontario.   We have no quotes as of press time but will do updates soon.    LINK

“It would be easy for Melnyk to then start up operations in Cornwall.  The funny thing is that the Broome County Arena in Binghamton is identical to the arena in Cornwall.  I was told by one source that if you walked into the arena in Cornwall you would swear you were in Binghamton to watch the Baby Sens.  The dimensions of the ice and layout are identical in every aspect. Question is, can all of it happen this year? There is a 50/50 chance on the change occurring at the end of this season, with arena renovations that need to be made in Cornwall, I would say it most likely would happen the following season.”

What do you think Cornwall?  Will you buy your season’s ticket to see the Cornwall Senators?

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I was very excited about this, until I clicked the link and found a Kevin Lee article. This is the man who claimed that both Bob Hartley and Peter DeBoer were done deals as Senators head coach in 2008. He has a long track history and reputation for making things up.


There could be nothing better for this community than to have professional hockey back!


It’s true, Kevin Lee is not the best source. But economically having a farm team an hour a way makes sense. In all likelyhood the Sens are at least considering this move.


Don’t hold your breath folks. This happens every year at this time.