BREAKING NEWS – David Rawnsley Stepping Down as Green Party of Canada Candidate for SD&SG – Considering run for Mayoralty of South Glengarry – January 22, 2010

David Rawnsley has his eye on being the Mayor of South Glengarry.

It’s an interesting choice and he would have to topple incumbent Jim McDonell, a name considered to be a possible replacement for MP Guy Lauzon.

Mr. Rawnsley announced today that he is stepping down from his position as Green Party of Canada candidate for SD&SG.

In the last Federal Election he garnered very strong reviews for his gentlemanly style and communication skills.  He focused more on bringing “Green” concepts to the public and sparking possibilities for the future of our area than the blood sport known as running for office.

His line of “I’m not a tree hugger” resonated with many with very different perceptions of the Green Party and what they stand for.

He also fought the war against the spraying of pesticides and is an avid supporter of Amateur Soccer; especially excited about the talent that’s being developed locally.

Contacted today Mr. Rawnsley said that he’s “Evaluating a run for mayor of South Glengarry” and the issues facing the Township.   He talked quite about about the two cultures in the riding; of the families that have been there for generations, many working in agriculture, and the recent flood of new people to the township that’s been attracting people from Montreal, Ottawa, many of whom commute to their jobs outside of the area.

“We should be filling the schools here instead of closing them” he stated.

He also talked about how running for Mayor of South Glengarry would be very different than running as a candidate for a party such as The Greens Federally; and that the lessons learned from his experience would only serve him and the voters if elected.

What do you think?  If you live in South Glengarry feel free to post your comment and if you’re a local Green party supporter will you miss Mr. Rawnsley?

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  1. Mr. Rawnsley has the experience, wisdom and world experience to balance all the issues necessary to represent all the people of South Glengarry. Mr. McDonell did not have a contender the last election. It would be nice to have more than one choice for Mayor. Should Mr. Rawnsley decide to run it will be an interesting Mayoral Race indeed! I’ve always said, Competition keeps everyone honest and on their toes.

  2. I guess that if you can’t make it for the Greens then you try something else.

  3. Congrats David. It takes guts to run for the Green Party, and it takes tack and skill to do so without being a jerk. You will make a great mayor… the world needs people that can and will work together to make the world healthier, safer, and a lot more fun than always being partisan and putting down the ideas of others. I hope you win.

  4. As a Federal Candidate myself, I must say, I will miss David in the next federal election. He is truely a gentleman, and I enjoyed the campaign experience with David. I wish you all the sucess in the world David, you deserve it!

  5. Author

    You are one classy Dame Darlene Jalbert. That tribute to David really stepped you up in my eyes as a politician and human being. Kudos to you.


  6. Interesting comment about if you can’t make it in the greens you go elsewhere. As in politicians who cross lines?

  7. Regardless of your political leanings, David Rawnsley is a man who walks his talk – and that is a rare thing indeed. I think municipal politics will be a perfect venue for him to share his experience, gifts and talents in a way that will truly make a difference.

  8. Let me identify myself immediately as the subject of these nice comments and add a big thank you to you all.

    To Ontarian I say:

    Thanks for taking the time to post and YES you are absolutely correct – we do look for a new way we can change the world in a way that will benefit our community. While we might not look at it as failure, we are used to losing. Do we fail? Probably not as we are constantly elevating the important ecological issues on the political agenda.

    Some were disappointed by Copenhagen, personally I am encouraged that we could get everyone around the table talking about climate change. It will change our future and it would not have happened without the collective resonance of greens and Greens alike. It did suggest to me that I could do better helping South Glengarry become a sustainable community and that others could take up the Green Party challenge.

  9. Well David is surely welcome in South Glengarry…. As we really do want water and sewers despite what our present mayor thinks…. Secondly… Darlene you are, as Jamie said, “a classy” lady. You had my vote last time and you will have it again. 🙂

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