More Pictures from the Canadians Against Proroguing Rally at Parliament Hill – Globe & Mail Editorial Slams Prorogation as well – Monday January 25, 2010

If public opinion actually counted at any time other than election day Parliament would be open for business today.

Prorogation is a device that is usually intended to expedite or close a house; not a shield from the elected representatives of Canada.

Cornwall City Councilor and Liberal Riding Candidate meets Michael Ignatieff at the rally.

So many comments and discussion has evolved since prorogation has been implemented for a second time by Prime Minister Harper.

If anything good has come out of this it’s that those wacky apathetic Canadian voters are learning a new word and becoming aware of just a little bit of what’s going on in Ottawa.

For the billions of dollars of the public’s money that is spent on running our country surely we deserve to have our elected officials on the job?

I mean they do get lots of time off as it is.

The bottom line is that the government made a choice and Canadians are upset at it.

The leaders of the opposition are making what political hay they can of it too, but at the end of the day will any of this matter?


“Many of our most serious problems as a country can be traced to the apathy and non-involvement of Canadians in public affairs, and to decisions that too frequently ignore the popular will…. We believe in accountability of elected representatives to the people who elect them, and that the duty of elected members to their constituents should supersede their obligations to their political parties.”

Stephen Harper wrote that. The words are from the 1988 platform he penned as policy director for the nascent Reform Party.”

So what do you think Cornwall Ontario and Canada?  Is this just all hot air and partisan politics or are you truly offended by what our Prime Minister has done?   Will this change your vote next election?  Will this get you to vote in the next Federal election?

A vote is an amazing thing.   It’s a horrible thing to waste and each one is important.

(photos courtesy of Tracy Champagne)

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