Avatar Still Number One at the Box Office – January 25, 2010

Avatar Still Number One at the Box Office!  Passes Titanic on all time lists!

The Jim Cameron 3D Mesmerizer still has the crowds lining up at the multiplexes.

The Sigourney Weaver starring flick has been the monster of the year at the box office and with advances in 3D television will be on your home system on Blu Ray too.

Did you go to Avatar Cornwall and what did you think?  Sadly you have to go to Montreal or Ottawa to see it in 3D.

We’d love to display showtimes and listings locally, but that wacky Galaxy theatre chain and local management aren’t cooperating with us much.

If you’re there let the manager or staff know that it’d be convenient for you to read the listings here on The Cornwall Free News.

For more on Avatar here the links to the official website.

And Avatar on the IMDB.

Cineplex Odeon

So Cornwall did you see Avatar yet and what did you think?

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