Cornwall Dog Park & Opting Out of Glen Stor Lodge Contract at Cornwall Ontario City Council – Admission Free – Monday January 25, 2010

It should be a very busy evening as people will be showing up to support the creation of a dog park within Cornwall Ontario’s boundaries.   From the reports coming to this desk the city seems reticent to support a facility within the confines of our city; especially anywhere near the waterfront.

No city councilors are championing the cause as of yet and the site suggested is outside of the city.  None of the three choices of the group are on the table at the moment.

I heard from Bob Sloan this afternoon; the chair of the Dog Park team:

“In 2009 there were 3,400  licensed dogs in Cornwall, with many more not registered.

With exception for a couple of areas in the city there is really no proper area to take your dog legally and safely.

Civil disobedience; I see so many people walking their dogs on leash in parks that are not permitted.

These good citizens are risking fines only because they are trying to be responsible pet owners who care about their pet.

Since our city lacks these basic needs, it only causes more stress for owners and their pets.    One doesn’t have to look to far to realize our community is probably the only one who  has not made provisions for dog owner, and provided a proper city owned dog park.

Our numbers speak volumes with the amount of pets in the city, and it is a trend that is continuing to grow.  Our dogs need daily exercise, and regular socialization to maintain a healthy obedient pet, all year around.  This is why it is so important that we find some suitable designated areas for dog owners within our city limits.”

The other hot issue is the opting out of the contract just taken away from Medical Arts Pharmacy for the providing of pharmacy services to Glen Stor Lodge.   That should be quite the debate.

We’ll have updates for you later this evening.

What do you think Cornwall?  Do you want a waterfront or centrally located Dog Park?   Should Medical Arts get the Glen Stor contract back?  Let us know what you think!

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  1. How about a waterfront AND a centrally-located dog park. Lets stop considering our own agenda City Councillors and get with doing something for our canine friends! Oh yes, thats right, they don’t vote. Sorry!
    Medical Arts Pharmacy should get back in…..after the cavalier way they were tossed out!
    Was someone’s hand in somebody’s pocket?

  2. Being in a large family with a total of 9 dogs, I feel it very important to have a dog park. It’s a great place for people to meet other people with similar interests, it’s a great place to give your dog exercise and socialization and it’s about time we catch up to other cities which have had at least one dog park for many years. My dogs are my children and since I pay taxes I believe that I should have some say where they are directed. We are somewhat luckier in the country, since we have a few areas where we can walk our dogs off leash, however these are mostly private properties.

  3. No matter where the dogpark is I’m sure no one will complain. Dogs are just as social as people are and love meating new people and other dogs of course. When introducing your dog to a new possible friend it’s hard to get the results you want on the dogs property, neuterd or not they will dominate and show whos boss, but of their own property they are able to meat in a more free, stress free manour without the dog feeling “small”. Off leash is also so much easier, people are more considerate then you may think, so I believe that fights should be no concern, if they are.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion.

  4. This isn’t rocket science! Having a fenced in dog park is good for the dogs and good for the owners.

  5. why is it fair that we need to register are pets every year and each year it goes up but yet the city feels no need to give us proper play areas to bring are friends so why should we pay the city to register them. whit all that money what do they do with it

  6. We have to register our dogs and buy a licence each year for them. When they go out it has to be on a leash. They deserve a park.
    Have you ever asked yourself why we don’t register our cats? Why shouldn’t we pay a licence fee for them? When they go out, they go anywhere they want to go and are NEVER on a leash.
    Wake-up Cornwall….there is another untapped source of revenue available to city coffers!
    Which councillor will bring this up to Council…..lets see!

  7. thats easy scott, because the city likes to make money while giving back the least for what you pay!

  8. It’s well time that the City provides the residents of Cornwall with a safe and fun environment for their dogs. We pay our taxes and buy our license each year, then we have to take our pets out of town just so that they can enjoy the outdoors. I definitely look forward to having a place to bring our dogs, And though I personally love the water front, I don’t think that it matters if it’s water front or center-city as long as it’s easily accessable in a safe and welcoming place where both pet and owner can enjoy the social outing.

  9. I’m sorry about the City not providing a place, I bring my dogs to the Dam and walk them there, there is one thing that I’m noticing is people are not picking up after there dogs. So here I’m thinking it’s not legal place to walk your dog and people are not picking up after there dog I could just imaging after it’s legal, we better bring our waders boots.

    Let’s start practicing good habits and pick up after each other. Thank you……………

  10. We would like to let everybody know at this time there is a off leash park for dogs being built at our location 3045 Pitt Street Cornwall ( Fence Depot ). Feel Free to stop in and check out our progress as we are starting to put a 6′ high chain link fence around our 2 acres lot. We would appreciate your comments or any ideas that would make the park more enjoyable. This off leash park for dog is being built without any tax burden to our City.

  11. Will there be admission/membership fees?

  12. Wow, John Locke, finally someone is getting the ball rolling on this… Kudos to you for pulling off what it seems NO ONE ELSE could… even our current city council… I am sure there are going to be a lot of appreciative folks out there for this service, and you are to be commended! 😀

  13. What will the fees be for using the off-leash park? Or will it be a membership thing?

  14. Totally awesome, Mr. Locke. WOOF!


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