12 Worst Car Nightmares Ever Built? What was your worst or best car ever Canada? January 27, 2010

The Globe & Mail just printed a list of the twelve worst cars ever.    It’s a fun read.

I had a few Pintos growing up.   They were funky and fun.  I had a Vega once two; remember putting the pedal to the floor on the 401 and still not getting it much over 50MPH.    It was not one of the Vegas that people would plop a V8 into.

The most fun in a car I had was a 74 Volkswagen 411.   It had a rear end air cooled engine and flew.  I could blow by a lot of cars in it even though it looked like a bloated insect.   It was great driving straight, but really didn’t like curves.

My favorite was my old Acura Legend.  The two door bomb was like driving a race car daily.   It handled amazing and the tiny thing had a very zippy six cylinder engine.   Alas, she rusted to death…

What car memories or nightmares do you have Canada?

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