Government of Ontario Hands out Tens of Thousands in Funding by Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – January 26, 2010

Government of Ontario Hands out Tens of Thousands in Funding by Markus Noé

Cornwall Ontario – Nearly $500,000 in funding was given to local not-for-profit organizations throughout the community. This is a part of the 50 million dollar investment that the government of Ontario is making to support capital projects throughout the province. Yesterday the Children’s Aid Society received 1.5 million of this investment to replace their roof.

The organizations that received funding and amount given are:

  • $63,000 to Dundas County Community Living to install ceilings and windows, replace the emergency exit and for foundation repair at their Morrisburg location and also to install a wheelchair accessible walkway at their Williamsburg location
  • $65,000 to Stormont County Community Living to repair structural damages to their access ramp and to their building, as well as replacing their heating system.
  • $75,000 to Centre des services de developpement pour Stormont Dundas et Glengarry to replace their sprinkler system and to replace their damaged basement floor.
  • $6,500 to Open Hands – Mains Ouvertes to replace their furnace.
  • $39,500 to Maison Baldwin House to install energy efficient air conditioning units and to upgrade their security systems.
  • $200,000 to the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne – Akwesasne Child and Family Services to help renovate a new location and move their Aboriginal Child and Family Services.

Local M.P.P Jim Brownell understands the importance of these programs to the community when he said, “These organizations provide valuable facilities and support to our communities, and I am proud we are helping them provide their services.”

This 50 million dollar investment in capital projects is the governments plan to help Ontarians survive the recession. Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community and Social Services explains this when she said, “The best way to improve Ontario’s economy is to invest in our people and our communities. Improving the health and safety, accessibility and energy efficiency of social service agencies creates jobs and most importantly hope.”


Children’s Aid Society Handed 1.5 Million in Funding

For the past four years the Children’s Aid Society (C.A.S) building has been desperate need of renovations. The roof is the main concern as the building has been plagued by leaks for sometime now. With the help of local M.P.P Jim Brownell the C.A.S has secured 1.5 million dollars from the Province’s 50 million dollar investment to support close to 1,000 infrastructure projects.

“The Children’s Aid Society has worked very hard to bring this day about,” said Brownell while making his announcement. The work the C.A.S does on a daily basis is very important to this community. Brownell understands this when he said, “I know you all work hard to ensure the children’s of this community have the best care possible. That’s why I thought it was imperative to go to Queens Park and get this funding.”

The C.A.S received the entire 1.5 million dollars that they asked for. This will ensure that no money will be taken from the child welfare budget to repair the building. Rachel Daigneault, Executive Director of the C.A.S is happy that this funding came through when she said, “We are very excited about this funding announcement. A lot of people of people have worked on this project for many years now and we are delighted that the Government has responded to the urgent needs of the Children’s Aid Society by offering us the full amount of funding required.”

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  1. Great news for those Organizations.
    Just think how many more Organizations across Ontario could benefit from badly needed funding if the Ontario Liberals would stop wasting millions of dollars
    “…the disclosure could reasonably be expected to be injurious to the financial interests of the Government of Ontario,…”

    on costly,ineffective Legislation that they were told not to implement.

    Minister Madeleine Meilleur voted for that fiscally irresponsible Legislation,hopefully she will be better informed and more fiscally responsible when Bill 222 comes up for 2nd Reading.

    The local MPP made himself scarce for a “whipped” vote back in 2005.
    Let`s hope that was because he was well informed and let`s hope he does the same for Bill 222 if that`s his only option in the event of another “whipped” vote by the Premier.

  2. Just a thought. Could some of these sites not be consolidated into community recreation halls? Building additions, where space allows would be one less building to maintain.
    We could even utilize other building like library’s, fire and police towards similar goals.

    And excuse me Mrs. Meillieur, the best way to help communities does not involve over taxation that forces both parents to work.

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