Pride/Fierté Cornwall’s Blue Valentine Party on Saturday, February 13th – Cornwall Ontario

Okay, so most people’s idea of romance isn’t a chubby, winged toddler coming at you with a crossbow. Still, Cupid is never wrong, and a fine way to celebrate his big day is by coming to Pride/Fierté Cornwall’s Blue Valentine Party on Saturday, February 13th.

We’ll be back in the Heritage Room at the Best Western Parkway Inn, 1515 Vincent Massey Drive.  (Click this Mapquest link for directions if you’re coming from out of town.  You can also check out their own website at  Admission is $10.00 at the door which will open at 9:00 pm.  You must be of legal drinking age (19) for admittance.

We’ve got some great features planned for this one, including a chocolate fountain which has been generously donated by Ed Ferguson of ED Event Decorators.  (Check out his hew website via this link.)  Because our party is just on the cusp of Valentine’s Day proper, we’ll be having a special countdown as midnight approaches to celebrate its arrival.  We’re also working on getting a VERRRRRY special guest to appear, so please keep your eye on our website at for developments.

As always, door prizes will be there to be won (including two tickets to “The Vagina Monologues” at the Ramada Inn on March 6th) we’ll stage our ever-popular 50/50 draw and Sunset Lover Pride will be on hand selling all manner of Pride and rainbow-themed adornments for you and your loved one.  Star DJ Alain Merizzi will also be back for a return engagement.  If you have any requests ahead of time, please send an email to and we’ll be sure to get them to him.  Please remember that due to time constraints and demand, all requests are on a “play if possible” basis.

Proceeds from this event will go to fund Pride/Fierté Cornwall 2010, the annual celebration of LGBT diversity in the Seaway Valley on the Labour Day weekend. Please come if you can and be sure to spread the word.

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  1. why do the gays still think they have to push there sexual preferrence down everybodys throats? they got their gay marriage what more do they want??!!!! I hear thru the grapevine that most of the gays in this town dont even want a PRIDE thing in Corrnwall anyways and they all hate that guy whos always in the paper prommoting it.they should all just pack-up and move to Toronto or Montreal so they can be with there own kind and LEAVE US NORMAL PEOOPLE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. With a name like you got, don’t be tooting your own horn Meatwhistle!

  3. I don’t see them ramming anything down your throat. I do however detect your rampant homophobia. They are advertising an event on here. That’s all. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. Its that simple.

    And what, are you saying that gays come from Montreal or Toronto only? Are they to be grouped with the artsyfartsies that you said should all go back to Toronto as well?

    Maybe you should go hang out with Pastor Tom and leave everyone else alone.. think about it.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post! I really can’t belive it’s almost Valentine’s Day!

  5. Meatwhistle you’re a closed minded tool! Just pipe down and keep it to yourself. Like grimalot said, he don’t wanna go – don’t go! who cares. I can promise they weren’t counting on your $10 admission fee anyway.

  6. What happen to free speech – “Just pipe down and keep it to yourself”? Why is it the one’s who cries out the most for tolerance is often the most intolerant?

  7. Author

    Pastor Tom I would have to agree with you on this one. As long as what someone says isn’t abusive, boring, illegal, then they should have our floor.


  8. I am happy to see a special interest group trying to support themselves without taxpayer money.
    I am happy to see a safe venue with like minded adults.

  9. hi again, i meant that I didn’t want to hear it from meatwhistle, but i would absoleutely fight for meatwhistle’s right to say what he/she is saying.. i just don’t wanna ‘hear’

  10. Author

    🙂 LaFemme

  11. It’s simple LaFemme. just don’t listen to it! Don’t read about it nor go see it!

  12. Meatwhistle and Pastor Tom have every right to say what they want. Just as I have every right to post my responses. Just as LaFemme has every right to post her response as well. As the admin of this paper has said many times “If you want to stand on a soapbox, expect to eventually get egged.”

    Meatwhistle and Pastor Tom have both stood up on the box as far as I’m concerned. And LaFemme and I are throwing the eggs.

    As for tolerance Pastor Tom, I doubt you know very much about it. Considering you believe the bible/Jesus/God have not put gays on this planet in their image, and will not tolerate being gay either. And that gay people are going to hell, blah blah blah… Even those hapless people that read their horoscopes are probably going to hell as well according to your preaching. We tolerated your intolerance at first. But then you kept going. So now you get a healthy dose of intolerance for your own. Enjoy.

  13. Grimalot – you have it all wrong. All are born sinners – fallen in Adam. Adam chose to sin, and since he represented all of us, his sin is charged to our account, and we are now born in his imagine and likeness. To be born a sinner is to be a law breaker, a criminal, and in rebellion against God from the womb. The Bible says we come into this world hating God. We are not as bad as we could be, not because we are good, but because God restrains our wicked hearts.

    So all of us ( no exceptions – except the Lord Jesus Christ), including gays, drunkards, thieves, murders, etc., etc., etc. all deserve hell, for all have sinned. Even the most religious person outside of a saving work of God is guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!! Condemned already, and the death sentence has passed upon all humanity. The Bible teaches that the homosexual life style is the result of us all being fallen in Adam. This is equally true of all sins that sinners commit. Sounds like we are in a bad state, with out a remedy – not so!

    God’s love and our only hope: The Lord Jesus is the perfect sinner’s Substitute. What He suffered on the cross was the equivalent of the punishment due unto our sins – hell, eternal separation from God for eternity. Being a divine person, His sacrifice gives infinite worth to His sacrifice. Being a perfect man, He could offer Himself up – “for without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins”. It is when we come as a guilty, lost sinner by faith to receive Christ’s payment for us – in our stead, that God forgives us, and makes you a new person in Christ – this is eternal life.

    I am a sinner saved by His grace. I did not earn my salvation (no one can). It was given to me at Christ’s expense. By His grace I received it, and by faith I live. I am no longer a servant of sin. I have been delivered from my old life and now I live to love God. I am not perfect (no one will be on this side of glory), but Christ is – here in lies by acceptance. This is Bible salvation, not religion.

  14. I just want to thank the editor for letting eggheads speak, and thanks to Pastor Tom and Meatwhistle for showing how far we still need to go. Sometimes I forget how silly people can be, and without this sort of forum, how else could I communicate with “people” like Meatwhistle (it pains me to type his name. Too funny). Thanks again M-Dub (if I can call you that), feel free to show your ignorance again soon.

  15. Author

    Hi Destructo,

    I’m thinking of having a party for all of our posters. Wouldn’t it be neat to get all of these wacky and opinionated people together in one place…..Coffee on Reg with some baked goodies from Rileys…now to settle on a location…..

  16. Hey Admin: if you are going to have a party for your posters, if coffee is on Reg are the baked goods on Rileys? Location? Your office!

  17. Author

    I’m going to have to work on the logistics Stan….

  18. Pastor Tom, if we are all equally sinners, and all of us are going to hell, why is it that you seem to single out gay people and horoscope readers in your preaching? Is it because of bias? Are they bigger “sinners” than everyone else? Or is it that you don’t focus your preaching at everyone being equally “evil/sinners” because you perhaps don’t want to lose too much of your following?

    Fact that I’m trying to point out to you is when you keep singling out these groups, you are showing your bias and intolerance. And that is proven so far every time you posted something, up until today when you stated everyone is sinning and born unto sin.

  19. Pastor Tom says, “All are born sinners.” Rubbish! Scare propaganda which suits the business interests of organized religion.

  20. First Jesus was a man of love; he befriended sinners of all types so I’m sure you know… he has no problem with a gay man. If you cannot love people because of their differences no matter what you are not a person of God, shame on you for saying so unless you change your ways. I’d rather be a fool in someone’s eyes then a damned crook in the eyes of God. Second props to this group for trying to expand Cornwall’s horizon. Some do not know how hard it is to meet other gay people in town, there not many you know. This group gives gay, lesbian, bi, Trans, and yes even straight people a chance to meet share stories, ask for advice, party and much much more. Good job guys and girls of Pride/Fierté Cornwall.
    Sincerely – Justsomekid

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