Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak Speaks with Small Businesses in Cornwall Ontario – January 28, 2010

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak Speaks with Small Businesses in Cornwall


Cornwall, ON – Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak today met with local small business leaders in Cornwall to solicit input on the steps they would like to see to encourage economic recovery in Ontario. Hudak continues to travel across the province speaking with small business representatives while Dalton McGuinty doles out untendered, sweetheart deals to foreign companies – clearly favouring foreign companies over struggling Ontario businesses.

While in Cornwall, Hudak shared details about the Ontario PC Small Business Jobs Plan.  This plan contains practical and affordable ideas that, if implemented immediately, would help the small business sector create new jobs and opportunities in the Cornwall area.

Hudak discussed the impact Dalton McGuinty’s $3 billion HST tax grab will have on local small businesses. The HST represents the largest single sales tax increase in Ontario history. When the HST takes effect on July 1st, seniors and families throughout Ontario will be forced to pay more for gas, hydro, home-heating, haircuts and dozens of other essential goods and services they use every day.  As a result of Dalton McGuinty’s HST, consumers will have less money to spend in the local economy which will ultimately kill jobs.


“The Ontario PC Caucus is calling on Dalton McGuinty to put an end to picking winners and losers and focus instead on strategies that would make Ontario desirable for investment without billion-dollar subsidies to foreign conglomerates.”

— Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

“The PC Small Business Jobs Plan offers practical and affordable ideas to re-establish Ontario’s small business sector as the growth engine of our economy. Removing barriers to growth will allow small businesses to do what they do best – create jobs.”

— Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak


  • In total, just three of the deals handed out to foreign companies by Dalton McGuinty work out to more than $4 billion in subsidies to foreign companies -$437 million for Korea’s Samsung, $263 million for France’s Ubisoft and $3.5 billion for the American-made Chevy Volt.

The PC Caucus Small Business Jobs Plan would encourage jobs now by:

o        Continuing to use every tool available to stop Dalton McGuinty’s plan to merge the GST and PST into a super Sales Tax that will take $3 billion out of the pockets of consumers and kill jobs.

o        Repealing the McGuinty government’s job-killing Bill 119, which forces independent operators and sole proprietors into the WSIB system and requires WSIB coverage for office and secretarial staff who will never set foot on a construction site. This bill will cost affected small businesses more than $11,000 in additional taxes each year.

o        Ensuring permanent small business representation on the WSIB.

o        Calling for a one year payroll tax holiday that will make it more affordable for small businesses to hire new staff; and a one year suspension of the land-transfer tax that will make home ownership more affordable for young families – and help create new construction jobs.

o        Re-instating a Red Tape Commission that will eliminate the many unnecessary regulations that punish small businesses.

o        Implementing a moratorium on new regulations that will impact small business jobs until the Red Tape Commission is in place to reduce the overall regulatory burden.

o        Turning Ontario’s 3:1 journeyman-to-apprentice ratio into a 1:1 ratio. This will help more young tradespeople into the market, and make it more affordable for small businesses to hire new workers.

o        Suspending the McGuinty Government’s decision to place 100% of the cost burden for the blue box program on small businesses. This places an unfair an unwarranted cost burden on businesses and manufacturers and will cost jobs. Instead, government should maintain the existing 50-50 split.

Video Excerpts from today’s visit.


What do you think Cornwall?  Do you support Mr. Hudak and his policies?    Post your comments below.

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  1. If they don’t allow journalists to ask questions and such, then you know something in all of this is a big lie. I have a feeling we’d be in for more of the same even if Hudak got into power.

  2. If it meant getting rid of Dalton McGuinty and the Fiberals, I’d even vote for the Devil. Tim Hudak is much meeker and is about the best choice to lead the province into the future if we are to believe the Quick Facts above.

  3. Yeah, keep in mind McGuinty made promises too before he got elected. But if you don’t want to allow reporters into discussions like this, then that can only mean that Hudak has something to hide as well as far as I am concerned.

  4. never believe ANYTHING a politician tells you. Ever.

  5. Where does it say jounalists were not allowed questions? Anyway, I would prefer a Leader to talk with our backbone small business people than grandstand for photo ops.

  6. With so much that can be said about the PC positions on issues perhaps it is the actions of the small business owners that best speak for themselves.
    The fact is that not only were the meetings held in a guarded environment but the business owners who met with Tim didn’t want to be identified. Why would that be?
    It is always easy for candidates and parties to have pie in the sky ideas and platforms that are routed in best wishes rather than facts. I mean when you will likely not get elected isn’t it easy to promise just about anything? Just ask the NDP.
    Perhaps if Tim would speak to the fullness of an issue it would be more beneficial for the citizens of Ontario. Start being fair to the voters.

  7. do we know who exactly he met with? who, pray tell are our locall small business leaders?

  8. Author

    LaFemme I think in this case it is important to respect the wishes of the business owners. I completely understand your point and post; but can you really level the shotgun at them?

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