Price isn’t right – Habs Shut out 3-0 in Tampa Bay – January 28, 2010

Boy things can get ugly.   Carey Price is becoming an enigma at least in Montreal.   Scott Gomez racked up 16 penalty minutes in what simply looked like a very frustrating experience for les boys.    Ryne O’Byrne racked up another fight as he really is starting to use his size.   This also on the heels of reports on Montreal sports radio’s team990 reporting on an incident that allegedly took place after a loss to St Louis  involving Andrei Markov and the young goalie.

“According to the TEAM 990 radio in Montreal, Markov approached the goaltender after the 4-3 loss in overtime and told him “If you are not going to play with heart, stay home. We don’t need you here.”

Montreal actually out shot Tampa Bay.   For some reason they win more when they’re out shot.   They also drew more penalties tonight, but still were shut out by Mr. Nittiimaki and Vinny Lecavalier picked up a goal and assist.

So do you trade Price?  Send him down?   Most likely Bob Gainey will simply start him most of the rest of the season in what could and many would say should be his last season at the helm of the team.

Montreal now wake up in 9th which would be out of the play offs.

What do you think Habs fans?


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  1. I agree that Price is simply not delivering right now and is putting the team’s entire play-off ambitions on the line. Play him even in half of the remaining games and kiss the play-offs good-bye.

    And Gainey’s obsession with Price only seems to serve his own purposes, i.e. to redeem himself after all those years and to prove to everybody that he bet on the right horse. Well, it’s pretty evident that Gainey bet on the wrong horse and at his current state Gainey is doing more harm than good to the team, so he, too, should leave.

  2. Author

    Mickey Carey Price is the real deal. This is going to be a Fleury situation or simply the wrong goalie for the wrong team, or vice versa. You either have to live with it or do something about it. Unfortunately for Bob he has a lot more pressure than Pittsburgh did with Fleury being in Montreal.

  3. Use Halak for the rest of the season. Get the right price for Price and trade him. If Markov said what he did, I agree with him. Price sometimes comes to play and sometimes you can see that he is bored or doesn’t care. Montreal may be in 9th spot but they also have the same number of points as the team in 6th place, as the standings are so very close. Go Habs.

  4. Author

    Timing is everything, especially in today’s NHL.

  5. Good day Habs fans, this just in “Carey Price sucks”. It’s time to trade him if he’s worth anything, or send him down so he can learn how to Goaltend. It’s obvious he spends too much time partying than practising. Halak is the real deal. Go Habs Go

  6. also, attention Admin, your an idiot. If you think this joker is the real deal.
    He hasn’t been able to stop a beach ball since Dec 2008. He sucks, and so do you

  7. price is a very young goailie and under the microscope. he just needs time to bloom i think he will become a great goalie. if montreal trades him it will be a loss in the end.

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