Bright Star Kicks Off Aultsville Winter Film Festival – Cornwall Ontario – January 30, 2010

Film is such a personal thing; the kind of personal thing best shared with lots of people…

Tonight was the kick off of the Aultsville Winter Filmfest.

The first film, director Jane Campion’s BRIGHT STAR ,did not dissapoint the near capacity crowd that braved -20 temperatures to watch the angst filled weeper of deep, meaningful and near unrequited love.

Ms Campion was the star of the show.   The casting was divine, the sets gorgeous and dreary when needed,and performances strong; but it was Ms Campion’s composition and direction that kept this movie tight so that the full flavour of the film could be enjoyed by the crowd.

If Tom Cruise could act and was a few pounds heavier you could swear that was him as Charles Armitage Brown, but it was in fact American Actor Paul Schneider who stole quite a few scenes.

It was a great kick off to what should be an amazing weekend of movies.   For more info visit the Aultsville Theatre’s Website.

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  1. So then you are saying that this is a major chick film.

  2. Author

    I’m not sure it’s a chick flick Reg. It’s definitely not a beer and pizza guy flick, but I’m sure it appeals to men with sensitive aspects of their fully fleshed out yet still rugged personalities….

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