Habs edge Canucks 3-2, JS Giguere Shuts out NJ 3-0 – NHL Round UP – February 3, 2010

There once was a man named Halak

Who’s team suffered from lack of attack

He stopped all the pucks

Chasing them like mice

Until Old Bob Gainey traded Carey Price

Poetry was never my forte, but then this years Habs aren’t terribly poetic either.   Tonight Jaroslav Halak stood on his head and the Habs held on to beat the Vancouver Canucks 3-2 in spite being out shot 20-9 in the 3rd period.

Benoit Pouliot continued eating his Wheaties and racking up the points and Tomas Plekanec somehow managed 7 shots. In all my years of hockey I don’t think I’ve seen such a stinky team win as many games as this plucky bunch do.   There’s a lot of heart, and it’s a shame that some of these guys haven’t been given better support.

My favorite Hab Mike Cammallieri is out for six to eight weeks according to media reports which can mean just about anything.   No surgery to date has been suggested and this leaves Bob Gainey, that shrewd trading fool, some major options and decisions to make for this season.

Is it Sale time?   Cash in those meagre chips and round up some draft picks and maybe a fringe player or two or is it time to man up and make the spectacularly bad trade some of us have come to expect from Mr.Gainey?   You know; like a blue chip goalie for a 9th D-man?

Wouldn’t Matthieu Schneider look good out there right now?  The Habs are not ready for the play offs.    They lack grit up the middle and talent on the sides, and the defensive core is still missing a key ingredient although I do give them credit for not rushing up PK Subban even though they probably desperately need what he can bring to the table.

Cap issues; job security; coach Martin’s tightening collars; so many dilemmas as those six games before the Olympics tick away.

What do you think Hockey Fans?  Are the Habs done for this year?  Were they ever really in it?  Should the team start for next year and what kind of shape will they be in?

Meanwhile in the Leaf Nation JS Giguere notched his first win as a Leaf and made it a shut out to create his legend in Hog Town as Toronto shut out NJ 3-0.    Leaf goals by Phil Kessel, Francois Beauchemin, and some foreigner about to be traded by Brian Burke hit the mesh for Toronto.

Dion Phaneuf led the Leafs with 4 shots and beat up Colin White for his debut.


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  1. Go Habs. The Habs can beat any team on any night, but they are a bit inconsistent. I would still trade Price for a really good defence and a high draft choice. The Pouliot trade was a really good one. Les Canadiens will make the playoffs. Those Leafs might just surprise us for the rest of the season.

  2. Author

    Good morning Joe. I like Halak. I don’t think he’ll ever be in the league of Luongo or where Price will be, but then is Chris Osgood? You don’t have to have the best goalie in the league to win the Cup. If Halak could be signed for 3-5 years at a reasonable number it would benefit the Habs considering their cap situation.

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