Hey You iPhone Viewers of The Cornwall Free News! – Cornwall Ontario – February 3, 2010

Hey You iPhone users out there it just became easier to view The Cornwall Free News on your iPhone.

At least according to the new feature we installed for you folks.

So if you’re viewing the site on your iPhone please post your comments below and let us know if things have improved.

And if you have an iPhone are you happy with it?

And if the local Apple rep is reading this we could use a new iPad and maybe a top of the line Mac for our intern….. 😉

It’s amazing how fast the future is unfolding and how that even as technology becomes more and more complex we seem to find ways to making it easier to use.

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  1. It works perfectly. Is there an option to ad your logo? That is the only thing not showing up

  2. Author

    Probably Jason. I’ll try and get it fixed.

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