Toyota Motors through the general press of their recall – Cornwall Ontario – February 3, 2010

I love our Toyota.

We just got a brand new Sienna and it’s amazing.

We have had Dodge Caravan’s but so far this new van has blown us away and we can’t say enough about it.

That being said Toyota is under the harsh lights of a massive recall that is drawing an awful lot of ink to the worlds biggest auto maker.

A bit similar to the acceleration issue that plagued Audi several years ago speculation and reports on the net range from faulty car mats, to sticky gas pedals, to faulty electronic issues that have resulted in Toyota shutting down production lines and resolving recall issues world wide.

Zoom Zoom may work for Mazda, but that phrase is taboo in Toyota land right now.

What do you think Canada?  Feel free to post your comments below and vote in our poll.  You can choose two options.

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  1. The Toyota recalls will be doing considerable harm to their premium brand. 2.3 million autos in the US to correct sticking accelerator pedals. over 4 million automobiles in the United States to rectify pedals getting lodged under floor mats. nearly 700,000 cars in China due to faulty electrical window switches. Toyota managers on Television to apologise for recall and still the media highlight issues as the company gets more pestered. I question how much brand value this has cost the company.

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