Cornwall Ontario You’re About to Get a New Radio Station! February 5, 2010

Radio sure has changed over the years.  We’ve gone from old tubes to online radio, and starting this month you’ll be able to click the listen button and hear our community live!

Cornwall Ontario you’ve asked us, and we’re making it happen.   It’s our special birthday gift to you.   I know, normally when it’s your birthday you get the gifts, but we do things differently here at The Cornwall Free News.

We’re going to be releasing info as we get closer to D day, and we’ll have some surprise special guests and prizes for our first shows!

Talk, Rock, News, Politics, and you.    We’re also looking for people in the community that want to share their voices with the world and talk about subjects of importance to them and to you.    So if you have a burning desire to be on the radio to promote your service, organization or activity email us at or call us on our hotline at 613.361.1755

Thanks for making our 1st birthday so special and for letting us become Cornwall Ontario’s fastest growing locally owned media company!

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