Local Online Posters to Meet in Cornwall Ontario – February 6, 2010

Calling all local anonymous trolls.  You know who you are.   You post on this and other media sites sharing your insights and wit with the world; usually sitting nekkid in front of the computer at odd hours of the day…

But I digress.   The Cornwall Free News in conjunction with a few of their sponsors is putting together a silly coffee meeting.    We want to meet you, and you probably will want to meet each other for some amazing coffee from Coffey’s Coffee, munchies, and interesting conversation & mayhem.  You’ll also get a chance to meet some of our contributors to the paper including the editor and writer in chief, Jamie Gilcig.

Email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or call our hotline 613.361.1755 for more information.

please visit our sponsors:

If you’re interested in attending email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com and we’ll contact you and figure out when to set this area first!


  1. Don’t do it, its a trap ! lol

  2. A meeting of anonymous posters is wierdly like having an anarchist convention.

  3. Author

    Isn’t it… 🙂

  4. Ok, while this whole meeting idea does seem a little awkward, I’m not a fan of the comparison to an anarchist convention. I am an anarchist, and we do have conventions. We are not loners, we just don’t believe in political authority. Maybe we can car pool to the next convention after we all make freinds at this little party type thing. Or is it more of a mixer? What should I wear? Everything makes me look fat! I am sooo nervous.

  5. This article indicates that most posters are anonymous. If we post an anonymous comment we want the comment to remain anonymous. i think that is part of the understanding. BUT will you keep us anonymous or will you spell out who we are if you get angry at us. This SEEMS to be what you did in one of your PORT Theatre responses where you actually named an anonymous poster. Unless you can say that we will always remain anonymous, I will never again post any comments.

  6. Author

    Hi Confused,

    This is a major issue for internet privacy and has been discussed locally on radio shows like Lowell Green’s. Where do we draw the line? In an Letter to the Editor you must sign your name and we, the newspaper must get a valid contact phone number and address before we publish it.

    Comments are a different game. I personally will only post under my name. I don’t use any pseudonyms here on the Cornwall Free News or any other local site I post on. The only info we get when you post your comment is the email address you provide when you leave your comment and your IP number neither of which identify you. We do not nor would we ever share that info with anyone other than where forced to by law.

    In the case you point out btw the information was confirmed by googling the email and confirming it with the party in question. It was not based on the information provided directly nor was it shared.

    I hope that clarifies your comment confused and I hope to see many of our area posters at our event when we confirm the date. And something else to consider we do not force people to “register” to leave a comment thus the only information provided is the email address and the IP number which the system records.

    Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

  7. Confused, I believe that poster was me as per your reference in your last message. Do not worry, Jamie and I poke jab’s at each other, but in a very friendly basis. I know he winked and it was just a joke. Albeit I can understand your concern’s that such a comment was posted, and I have spoken to Jamie about it as well. All in the concerns of making sure all the posters remain anonymous if they wish to do so.

    Though Jamie did make that comment to me, you can rest assured, in fact I guarantee it, that Jamie will not divulge this information except to the law, and only if the information was requisitioned properly through legal processes. So I am not worried about the comment in any way.

  8. Whats going on here……something to divulge?

  9. You’re the investigator, investigator, so investigate 😉

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