So Where are you Spending your Advertising Dollars Cornwall Ontario & the Area? Are you getting the best value for your Dollar? Online Media Alexa Rankings – February 9, 2010

It’s amazing how fast something can grow?   As we approach our 1st year’s anniversary as Cornwall Ontario’s fastest growing media company we are amazed at the statistics easily available online.

Alexa is a service provided by that measures web traffic.  Using Alexa we’re are doing pretty darn well for an upstart.

The Busiest Website of the Newspapers operating in Cornwall is still The Standard Free Holder with a monstrous ranking of 191,657 world wide and 3,752 in Canada.

We’re proud to be #2 after less than 1 year of service.

We rank at 1,351.990 world wide and 58,710 in Canada.

Trailing us, although the numbers are skewed as they represent the total for the chain, and not just the Cornwall Paper is Le Journal which operates under (Association de la Presse Francophone)  Their cumulative numbers are 1,828,817 world wide and 110,074 in Canada.

The true number 3 in Cornwall Ontario would be the Seaway News who rank in at 2,537,529 worldwide and 110,687 in Canada.

There’s that other online paper or tv station depending on which day you look at it, that claims to be from Cornwall, but actually is out of Martintown which rank in at 7,717,251 world wide and don’t register a Canadian number.

For radio in our area the big fish is still AM1220 which pulls in an area best 992,019 world wide and 20,334 in Canada.

They’re followed by 94/7 Hits FM at 1,313,939 worldwide and 57,576 in Canada.

CKON pulls in a ranking of 5,006,164 world wide with no ranking in Canada.

Statistics can be fun.   Check out your website on Alexa.

And if you want higher traffic and more visibility for your site, business, service, event, or organization contact The Cornwall Free News for the best bang for the buck in our region!

Check out some of the amazing plans we can put together for you.

It’s our first birthday this month and we’re celebrating by unveiling our online radio station.   Email us at or call our hotline at 613.361.1755 if you want to know more or be one of the first to advertise on our station.

Thanks to all of you who read our online paper and help spread the word, and thank you to those who thank our sponsors by visiting their services and letting them know that you appreciate them supporting us.  It’s a small community and we firmly believe in  “Keeping it Local!”

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  1. Congrats. You have created a new spirit in the city with timely news, a focus on columns and letters to the editor and best of all the anonymous posters. Keep it up Jamie.

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