It’s CRUNCH Time Cornwall Ontario – Monopoly Canada Contest Home Stretch – February 9, 2010

Tick Tick Tick – Monopoly Canada Edition is going to pick two cities to be on the board based on voting.    It’s up to you in Cornwall Ontario to make this happen.

Remember you need to vote EVERY DAY.   It’s simple, painless, and easy.   It’s fun, cures male pattern baldness and doesn’t cost as much as those strange Asian bracelets you see on those TV infomercials.

And it will make you feel good to open up a copy of Monopoly Canada one day and see Cornwall; probably in the spot normally used for Baltic Ave, but still there.

Locally if you need the use of the internet to post your vote Island Ink Jet & Cafe Connectionz will allow you to vote in their internet cafe’s for free!

UPDATE – We’re Up to 6.2% – Please vote EVERY DAY!  Keep up the good work Cornwall!

Vote today, tomorrow; tell your friends, your family, your pets (if they have their own email address), but get the word out!   Let’s pass freaking Beauceville by tomorrow!

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  1. I don’t get it! When all this started, Cornwall was consistently in first or second place, vying with some ski resort in Alberta – and now we’re even behind Beauceville, Quebec’s version of Newfoundland.

  2. Author

    Hi Watcher. The vote count started again and we can’t slack in Cornwall. We need everyone to vote every day from each of their email accounts!

  3. Hey… The watcher ,a friend told me exactly the same…Cornwall is like newfondland in ontario, the both solitude could be so near somettime

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