Another Politician Faces Political Ruin Over Indiscretions – The Fall of Toronto Mayoral Candidate Adam Giambrone – February 10, 2010 by Markus Noé

Another Politician Faces Political Ruin Over Indiscretions by Markus Noé

Cornwall Ontario – Last week Toronto Councilor Adam Giambrone was approached for an interview by the Cornwall Free News. His office did respond and asked for the questions to be emailed to him as it was difficult to coordinate a telephone interview. Days went by and no response came from Giambrone. Then the news broke about his indiscretions this past year and it became clear why the councilor has not found time to respond.

Unfortunately we live in a society that cares more about what a politician does in his bedroom, or in some cases bathroom stalls, than what they do in office. The last two presidents before Barack Obama should have changed the way people judged deviant politicians. First there was Bill Clinton, possibly the best American president since Kennedy whose indiscretions garnered international attention. Then there was George Bush Jr., this was the man who started a war in which thousands of American soldiers have perished in while looking for WMD’s that didn’t exist. Maybe Bush would have been able to make better decisions if he was getting some in the oral office too?

The story on Giambrone was going to be about how the youth of today are completely disengaged in today’s political issues. One theory for this is the that youth of today are overshadowed by the mass number of baby boomers, and that there are not many young politicians in which young people can identify with. Giambrone was going to be the perfect example of a youthful politician who has been able to break the mold and become someone of importance and someone that the youth of today could be inspired by.

We live in a society that enjoys making examples of public figures who get caught with their pants down, and as a result, Giambrone was forced to withdrawal today from the Toronto mayoral race. This call for him to resign has come without any thought of his exceptional record as a city councilor or as the chair of the Toronto Transit Commission. Hopefully this will just be a minor bump in the road for Giambrone and won’t result in the end of his career.

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  1. The same thing with Tiger Woods, David Letterman, Clinton, now Giambrone. What is it with North America? In Europe or most other parts of the world, NO ONE WOULD CARE! Here, we have people under threat of losing their life careers, etc, all because they had a little fun on the side. Its not like any of them stole anything. Or did anything to anyone in the public. But because of a little “fun”, all of a sudden it’s exploded into a huge story.

    In any case, whatever happens in their “Intimate lives”, it should not affect their work lives. Unless it was directly related to their fidelity, such as a “priest” for example, whom should be celibate according to the bible. But otherwise, people should just shut up about what action someone else is getting.

    If anything, I agree with you Markus, if whatever happens the night before in their “Intimate Lives” makes for them to have a better day the next day, and doing their jobs better ultimately, then all the more power to them.

    Shame on anyone suggesting he should step down as chair to the TTC over this indiscretion. Which in reality, really shouldn’t have made it this far in the media to begin with as far as I am concerned.

  2. It’s the tricky-dicky syndrome that we want to accept as normal behavior. Just remember that at the other end of the scale we have people like Colonel Russel Williams who carry it too far!

  3. Giambrone MUST GO. The man is a disgrace. He has abused his office and in addition the trust of everyone that held him in high esteem. The man is ceretainly not fit to be TTC chair, let alone hold any public office of responsibility. He is just a silly boy, who, because of luck became cocky and thought he could play a man’s game.

  4. malaaya, the only one’s he abused the trust of are of his mistress and his girlfriend. Whatever goes on behind his bedroom doors, should have NOTHING to do with his job at the TTC. Granted it may affect his running for Mayor, but it in NO WAY affects his job as chair of the TTC. I mean oh my god, the guy running the buses and subways, oh no, he slept with 2 different women.. oh no. that’s abused my trust as a rider of the bus or train.. oh no… you get my drift, how dumb does that sound?

  5. It does affect his trustworthiness though. He said he was in a happy relationship with a live-in partner, and this was not true. He was in a fake relationship to dupe the public intp thinking he was the trustworthy family type. If capable of lying on this level, what level can he be trusted on? If you want to have fun and live in the public eye, you gotta be honest.

  6. And for the mayoralty position, I give you that. But for the TTC, it really has no bearing.

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