Toyota not Alone as Honda Impacted By More Airbag Recalls Accord, Tercel – February 10, 2010

Honda is blowing away its customers; literally as issues regarding air bags impact thousands of vehicles across North America and the world.  2010 is so far not looking like a good year for the Japanese automotive sector.


“Honda – Japan’s second-biggest carmaker – said the defective airbags can overinflate and burst, spraying potentially deadly metal shards.

The carmaker said the inflators were at risk of rupturing, “resulting in metal fragments passing through the airbag cushion material and possibly causing injury or fatality to vehicle occupants”.

The fault has already been linked to 11 injuries and one fatality.

Honda said in a statement: “We cannot be completely certain that the driver’s airbag inflator in the vehicles being added to this recall at this time will perform as designed.”

Its shares fell in Japan after the announcement.

The recall will apply to 2001 and 2002 model-year Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Pilot, CL, CR-V and 2002 Acura TL vehicles, the firm said.”

So Honda owners what do you think about all of this?  Post your comments below and will this change your mind about which vehicle to consider when you are making a purchase or lease?

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  1. jap’s to proud…….200 % gtd ….its all about the money…..they will go the exrta mile…just ask Mr. Hickman..what he’s been doing….We own 1 GM 1 Toyota year ..good bet 2 Toyota’s

  2. More Jap scrap! Heres our country going down the tubes and you continue to buy foreign cars. Buy domestic and win!

  3. I seem to remember that Honda has a plant in Alliston, Ontario and Toyota has a plant in Cambridge Ontario, neither of which needed government bailout money, nor do they blackmail the govenrment by threatening to relocate.

  4. I think they ship the parts from Japan and assemble in the Canadian plants. Thats why they didn’t need any bailout money.

  5. Buy domestic and pay out of your *** to support a car manufacturing economy that plainly gouges their customers on a regular basis for what you get for your buck!

  6. There are many Canadian jobs within Toyota and Honda. I have been in both plants in Cambridge and Alliston. They have state of the art equipment with facilities clean enough to eat of the floor. A number of parts are manufactured by Magna out of Newmarket Aurora and other small cities north of Toronto. These plants employ every day people like you and I. Every car company has had many more recalls than Toyota. I would not hesitate to buy a Toyota. They will get the bugs out, therefor, reviving the quality they are so well known for.
    What we never heard from the media during the GM bailout. GM in Oshawa was working overtime every second Saturday to keep up with demands for the newly launched Camaro.

  7. Too much time spent cleaning the floors and not enough time spent on building the cars. At least GM cars don’t have rocket-launching accelerator pedals nor brakes that don’t work sometimes. Do you speak Japanese willy191?

  8. Author

    You’re quite right Wilie. I think this is a great time to buy a used or new Toyota. My wife just got a new Sienna and I think it’s an amazing van compared to the last two Caravan’s she’s had.

  9. Cornwall Harry, lol, I don’t speak Japanese. I drive a GM as well. However, It’s also about decent paying jobs for everyone who wants one. That would be a vision I have for Canadians.

  10. Dear Cornwall Harry, as a quality professional who was in the automotive industry supplying ford, gm and chrysler for more than a dozen years I can tell you that you’re talkin’ out your butt. The complete and total waste of money, the utter mismanagement of time and resources and the ‘deep pockets’ mentality that is throughout the north american manufacturers would make your head spin. I have been ‘asked’ aka told, to approve a great many parts and assemblies that do not meet the ‘requirements’. The japanese don’t have the market on that I can promise you…. If you knew all the crap that went into cars in general that were outside the specifications drawn (no matter what make) you’d consider taking your bike a little more often.

  11. lafemme: yes, I can see it now, from the tone of your comments you truly are a quality professional

  12. I tend not to leave comments on articles, but your blog post urged me to praise your writings. Thanks for the read, I’ll bookmark this blog and check in every now and then. Happy blogging.

  13. Is the taxpayer going to have to finance GM’s latest recall? But on the other hand, at least GM has finally been forced to quit production of the “International Symbol of Global Warming” aka the Hummer.

  14. We funded them last time Watcher. Though we hardly get anything back for it. Remember when the Canadian dollar was stronger than the US dollar a while back? We were still getting gouged on the cost of vehicles. Compared to the same vehicle you could buy in the states for way less than we ever dreamed here. Our motor companies never dropped their prices to coincide with this trend. And then when the recession hit, the government dropped a ton of taxpayer money into the company. Absolutely not right. And watch, we’ll probably end up on the dime for a bailout again with this recall.

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