Letter to the Editor – Ken Smith – Canada ready to stand on guard, says Harper – Cornwall Ontario – February 13, 2010

Canada ready to stand on guard, says Harper

The Vancouver Olympic Winter Games have begun. They will offer a stunning showcase of Canadian athletes and the beauty of the west coast Rockies while stirring our Canadian spirit.

Stephen Harper’s Olympic message is that Canada’s always ready to stand on guard for itself.

Parliament won’t be standing on guard as it is closed for another 18 days. While Harper is on holiday in Vancouver giving his Olympic message.

The latest U.S. – Canada trade arrangement will allow large American companies to tender contracts for infrastructure projects in Canadian provinces and cities.

Don’t Canadian infrastructure projects receive government stimulus spending to alleviate the Canadian deficit, rather than alleviate the deficit of the U.S.?

Our government will be giving lucrative contracts to U.S. firms, when the money is desperately needed by Canadian firms to pay Canadian workers decent salaries while purchasing Canadian supplies.

Canada’s National Defence spending has risen in 2009-10 to $21 billion.

Canada’s national spending in 2009 -10 on the Vancouver Winter Olympics is $11 million.

As world hosts of the winter Olympics, maybe we are a humble people because our athletes’ government support is so modest.

Harper has gone through his third cabinet shuffle in 18 months. He still has a way to go to master hockey’s two-minute line change.

Lisa Raitt is now in the penalty box with the Labour folio. Not as sexy as the Natural Resources position.

Funny how in hockey a defence man with a poor season isn’t moved to center to score goals. Or a forward who quit back checking isn’t made to play goalie.

Two hundred determined Canadian athletes will be wearing red with pride. Having earned a place on the team.

Not appointed to a royal red chamber merely to pad legislative votes.

Ken Smith – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Please, use your misguided anger to make Ontario better. At a time of high unemployment, we are seeing higher electricity costs due to changes in time of day billing. We are seeing higher costs soon in daily essentials because of the HST.
    We have a billion dollar expense with out concrete positives from E-Health. Hospitals say they have to cut beds because of funding, although they continue to pay for French language services and arbitrated salary increases.
    Don’t tell me we do not have enough laws/regulations and front line services in place already to assist the 600,000 in all of Ontario and still provide quality of life.
    Canada (you and me through taxes) spends billions each year to the (2006 census) 243,000 Aboriginals. Each person’s quality of life is important, except the taxpayer I guess.
    Go ahead, start calling me names instead of addressing the issues, it is easier.

  2. Ken, the part you didn’t point out was that Harper learned all these tricks from Chretien!

  3. Hey Ontarian, that’s seems to be Harper’s excuse for everything lately, “Chretien did it so I can too.” I though he was supposed to do things the Conservative way not just copy the Liberals.

    I do have to give credit to the Conservatives. They are responsible for some new policies such as abandoning our citizens overseas, ignoring climate change, selling out Canada to the Americans and creating
    a $33.7-billion deficit in 2009 and a projected deficit of $29.8-billion in 2010.

    Maybe we should get Chretien back. It would cost us less.

  4. He’s not just copying the Liberals, he’s more conservative, everything always costs more with the Liberals.

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