Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Do you pay attention to where your purchases are made? – Summerstown Ontario – February 15, 2010

Do you pay attention to where your purchases are made?

I am one who always checks where and with what my products are made before purchasing.  Where a product is made is something that will affect my decision to purchase. I am absolutely astounded by the number of products on our store shelves which read ‘Made in China”. Clothing, office supplies, toys…purchasing the majority of these products says that I support products being made with lack of concern for the environment; says I support the Co2 and other byproducts of getting the product here as inconsequential; says I don’t care about the national economy.

Please do not get me wrong. I do purchase products made in China. I just want to spread the wealth a little and insure some of my dollars are spent in other countries and in our local and national economies.  I’m sure we’ve all heard the old expression, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.  There is a lot of wisdom in those words.

Made in Canada isn’t a dirty phrase!  Buying made in Canada items insures we are supporting a company that is regulated by environmental laws, supports our national economy and insures our goods are traveling less miles to our store shelves therefore giving us the benefit of alleviating Co2 in the atmosphere. Now I know these products may cost us more however I think we need to consider the short term pain for the long term gain.  I ask for Made in Canada goods and invite you to considerthe same.

Looking for a new Canadian creation for that special Gift?  I have looked/shopped in (I believe) every clothing store in Cornwall and I have found a couple that carry Made in Canada lines.

Not only do they have Canadian made lines but the clothing looks elegant, well made and are reasonably priced. Bonus!  Show your support for Canadian made goods by asking and looking for the ‘Made in Canada’ tag on the next product you purchase.

Lastly, a friend from Toronto recently passed along this link for my perusal.

Do take a look at the information under the Environment menu.  The information is somewhat grim however I believe we can turn things around if we are aware of what is going on.

One statistic that stood out for me was that our deforestation efforts outnumber our reforestation efforts.  Now whether you believe global warming is a hoax or not this statistic clearly shows the effect man is having on the circle of life.

Perhaps we can each start to make a difference by taking/consuming a little less.  Perhaps we can also consider how much attention our Local and Federal politicians are giving to the environment in the process of doing business.

Trades, health care, housing, alleviating poverty, safe streets, budgets…these are pressing and important issues. I ask our politicians to continue to look after these important issues with consideration and respect for our environment and all the other life forms we share this planet with.  If this means that they have to spend more money, so be it.  In my opinion there is more value and wealth in a healthy, clean world than the alternative with extra dollars in our pockets.

You will notice that under the heading of each title is a Comments link which you may access to share your thoughts and ideas.  Our planet requires our action and attention. Your commentary is encouraged and appreciated.


  1. I prefer to buy from local stores and often give them first chance for my money, but do not look at lables much. Although feeling the product or getting a feel for a quality product is essential.
    I really started getting turned off though when I am expected to bring my own bag or am forced to provide a donation to an organization I know nothing about to get my purchases home.

  2. Eric, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Supporting our local economy is vital and necessary and I thank you for doing so because without our purchases, (regardless of product origin) the doors will close. Supporting our local economy with Made in Canada goods is even better. Buying Made In Canada goods insures support for companies that can service our needs with goods and jobs. Can you see the power of a dollar spent under these circumstances? Shipping over shorter distances insures using fewer resources to get the goods here therefore less pollution. As for the bag and delivery issues you mention…please do let the store manager of your concerns. They can only improve your shopping experience if they know what it is that you want. Good Luck!

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