On Call by Vanessa Carter – Awkward First Dates – Cornwall Ontario – February 14, 2010

My name is Vanessa Carter, the daughter of Richard & Micheline Carter & sibling of Melanie Verdone, Matthew & Chad. My family has supported me throughout every endeavour, so I need to mention them from the start.

Although I presently live in Ottawa, my parents reside just outside Cornwall, where I have to admit I go home quite often on weekends for good home-cooked meals as I have yet to develop any sort of  cooking skill other than throwing frozen vegetables & chicken together which I personnaly think makes a pretty mean stir-fry.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering who is this girl? I know the Carter last name, but where does she fit in there? Have I seen her name in the paper before?  Well you might have, as I’m the recipient of the first Cornwall Medical Student Scholarship. That’s right, I’m presently a first year medical student at the University of Ottawa, in the French stream & will be returning to the City of Cornwall once I complete medical school to open a practice as a family physician.

Although my academics have always somewhat defined who I was, I’m sure that if you would ask anyone to describe who is Vanessa Carter, as my father would always introduce me; I am the goalie. Yes, that’s right, the nerd plays ice hockey & I have for most of my life.

I think that being I’m the third child & only a year older than my little brother Chad, I’m sure if you’d ask him, he would  have no hesitation in saying that I did in fact follow him everywhere he went, joined every sport he joined & therefore played on every team he played for. Yes, he was the lucky kid whose sister always tagged along & although I’m sure was teased often by the boys, he never left me behind.

I’m aware that this might seem like a lot for a “first-date”, but if I would have to quickly define myself as a person, it’s pretty simple: my family means everything to me, hockey was the air I breathed for years, & lastly I am passionate of continuing my education in the medical profession to one day (in a few years to be exact) become a great family doctor in the City of Cornwall.

I am excited to have this great opportunity to write about the various ideas & thoughts that are on my mind as I continue the whirlwind as a medical student & hope to capture some interest from readers.

A big thank you to Andre Pommier,of Pommier Jewellers,  my sponsor, and to Jamie Gilcig for giving me this opportunity. I would like to warn you in advance, which I’m sure you have come to realize; my first language is french & I have studied sciences & medicine mostly & I can’t say that any journalism classes were ever among my schedules, therefore I apologize in advance for any future confusion, or horrible sentencing, but I promise you these blogs will be me, Vanessa Carter, & I hope you have as much fun reading them as I will writing them.

Until our next date, oh & how could I forget, I’m a Leafs fan!!!

Vanessa Carter

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