Art Exhibit at the Ronathahon:ni Cultural Centre in Akwesasne a Hit! May have follow up before end of March 2010

So I get this frantic call last week about an Art Exhibit on the Island, at the Ronathahon:ni Cultural Centre, and how I should brave the bridge, pay two tolls to come and check it out.  Hmm….Friday night….what could I be doing….

Something told me to go though as I do love art even though I can rarely afford my tastes.  With Art Court just starting I thought it’d be a great opportunity to meet some artists from Akwesasne and invite them to join.

I pull up to this building and walk in and am blown away.   The pictures in this item do not do them justice so I won’t print that many suffice to say than on a very chilly winter night the use of color an imagery blew me away.

Most of the art was done using acrylics, but there were some were mixed.  There was a myriad of themes, and even though many were by students, the life in them exploded.  For a hastily put together event there was a lot to look at and several of the paintings were in fact sold from viewing this past weekend.    We still have some video to crunch and will probably put up for a follow up story.

Congrats to Barbra Arquette and Darren Bonaparte, and of course to all of the artists:

Yvette Cook-White (acrylic)

Kaylynn Adams (acrylic)

Kerdy Mitchell (acrylic)

Inez Cook-Patterson  (acrylic)

Nora Cook  (acrylic)

Natasha Thomspon-Barnes

Jordan Thompson(-Pen/Ink)

Dave Fadden(acrylic

Natasha Smoke-Santiago(acrylic)

Filfred Earl Tahy(acrylic)

Bruce Boots (acrylic)

Ian Seymour-Steelwork

Joe Francis-Antler carving

Ms Arquette said things went so well they’re considering another exhibit before the end of March with even more artists.

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