Canadian Cancer Society Driven to Quit Challenge – Register soon! It’s time to Quit Smoking Cornwall – February 16, 2010

It’s About Time That You Quit!

Time is running out to join thousands in The Driven to Quit Challenge

February 16, 2010 – Cornwall, ON. – There are less than two weeks left to register for the Canadian Cancer Society Driven to Quit Challenge. Registration is open until 11:59 p.m. on February 28 at or until 9 p.m. by calling the Canadian Cancer Society Smokers’ Helpline at 1 877 513-5333 (EST).

Entrants of The Driven to Quit Challenge are eligible to win a 2010 Ford Escape hybrid, one of two $5,000 CAA vacation getaways or one of seven $2,000 MasterCard gift cards. Buddies of winners will each receive a $200 MasterCard gift card. The Challenge is open to adult Ontarians who have been regular or occasional tobacco users for at least a year prior to January 1, 2010. Participants must sign up with a support buddy and quit tobacco use for the month of March.

“Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your life and health. With the right tools and motivation, you can become smoke-free for life,” explains Robyn Wharf, Coordinator of the Smoke-Free Ontario program at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

Experts recommend that to be successful, one must make a commitment to quit. One way a quitter can prepare is to tell their friends and family that quitting is important to them and that they need support. People who want to quit smoking, have quit smoking or are thinking about quitting, can find further support at

The Driven to Quit Challenge is a health promotion campaign hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and generous prize support from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Inc.

The Driven to Quit Challenge is presented in collaboration with the (insert) public health departments.

For more information on the Driven to Quit Challenge, visit the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s website at or call 613-933-1375 or 1 800 267-7120, and ask for the Health Line.

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  1. Smokers: If you were born to smoke you would have been born with a cigarette in your mouth. It’s not natural to smoke though it is your right! Non-smokers have rights to breathe in clean unpolluted air; spouses and children have rights not to breathe in second-hand smoke! When will you wake-up and join the majority?

  2. Someone once asked me for a light. So I passed them a match. They then returned it and asked me for a lighter instead. I asked why, they told me that the match causes more pollution than the lighter does. To which I kindly reminded them that “They’re smoking!”. Talk about caring for the environment.

  3. Drivers: if you were born to drive, you would have been born with a car on your bum. It’s not natural to drive, though it it is your right. Non-drivers have rights to walk on safe, clear roads. Spouses and children have rights not to breathe in exhaust! When will you wake up and join the majority? (of the world)

    Audiences: if you were born to watch tv, you would have been born with an antenna in your head. It’s not natural to watch TV, though it is your right. Non-Audiences have rights to have an electromagnetic spectrum free of polluting radio interference; spouses and children have rights not to be subjected to wild, cancer causing frequencies! When will you wake up and join the majority?

    Fat People: If you were born to be obese you would have been born with a slice of pizze hanging from your mouth. Its not natural to be fat, though it is your right! Non-fat people have rights not to look at your cellulite; spouses and children have rights not to breath in your garlic breath! When will you wake up and join the majority?

    Tyranny of the majority: fun for no one.

  4. Author

    I kinda like garlic breath rezrevolt…. isn’t your arguement semantical? I don’t like when you wear a blue sweater. Should you have to remove it? Where do we draw the line? Isn’t it more about courtesy and kindness? Respect, manners, meeting on common ground, give and take, etc?

    I was on a flight awhile back. It was a short haul, three hour flight and it was packed. It was DAYTIME. The passenger in front of me insisted on reclining his seat back fully sticking his bald flaky pate essentially in my face. Now it’s not his fault the plane had very little room. It wasn’t his fault that it was packed so I couldn’t move to another seat. Ok, it probably was his fault that his head was flaky, but I politely asked him to bring his seat up as it was DAYTIME and I was claustrophobic to start.

    Well a major storm erupted; complaints, cursing and my holding back from socking him one. Instead I asked for a USA Today and spread it over his head and turned the pages slowly and loudly. He finally got the message and I got to fly without losing it or having to sock him.

    There should be no tyranny. Why is it that we have to legislate common sense nowadays?

  5. Because some people are thicker than others.

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