Game On: Team Canada Ready to Play – Who Will Win the Men’s Gold in Hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver British Columbia Canada – February 16, 2010 by Markus Noé

(Peter Forsberg leads in Sweden at opening ceremonies)

Game On: Team Canada Ready to Play

Finally after years of anticipation, Team Canada will take the ice today and begin their quest for Gold against Norway. The stage is enormous, the pressure is enormous and Canadian fans expect nothing less than gold. The Russians during their first practice yesterday were laid back and where seen joking with one another. While in the Canadian camp they were all business, going through different line combinations and fine tuning their power play.

So far the first line looks like it will be Crosby at centre with Rick Nash and Mike Richards at his wings. On paper these three should complement each other nicely, but if this first attempt doesn’t add up, there are many different combinations head coach Mike Babcock can play with. Even though Crosby will not be wearing the “C” throughout these games, it is his team and changes such as who he plays with will be made around him and not vice versa.

Team Canada gets a good tune up game tonight, which will allow them to prepare for the Swiss and the Americans later on this week. Expect to see many different line combinations tonight as Babcock will be looking at which players build chemistry with each other the fastest. This is a very short tournament and whichever team gels the quickest will be the team to beat.

Since the age of 16 Crosby has been dealing with direct comparisons to the “great one”, and it will be that way his entire career.  Already at the age of 22 and still at the beginning of his professional career, Crosby has begun to live up to the hype.  Going into these Olympics he is a defending Stanley Cup champion and his tied with the Russian superstar Alex Ovechkin for points leader.

Today is day five of the Olympics, but for Hockey fans the games have just began. This should be an incredibly competitive tournament as realistically, there are 4-5 teams that could walk away with gold this year.  For Canadian fans there is only one team that is supposed to win and tonight live on CTV at 7:30 they begin their long anticipated road to gold.

What do you think Canada?  Who will win Gold in Men’s Hockey this year?

Who Will Take the Gold in Mens Hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics

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