Stephen Harper – Facism & Rick Mercer – Musings from Cornwall Ontario – February 17, 2010

So I’m chatting with a friend in the US.  He’s upset at the Obama government’s failing to do what they wanted to do while they had the window of opportunity and control of the main streams of the government.

We talked about the “appearance” of strength in a leader and the conversation led to our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  “Dude, that story you wrote kinda looked like you called him a fascist.”

“I know, but I was looking at the dictionary and if the shoe fits….”

“…yeah, but he’s the Prime Minister; the big cheese, can’t he have you offed or forced to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie?”

“no; Canada’s not Russia or China….yet…”     So I sat confused.    Had I erred?  Is my perception clouded by the strings leading from our MP in the general direction of Ottawa that seem to wiggle the odd time his lips move?

And then one of our frequent posters sent me this clip from the Rick Mercer Show and I felt a bit better.    So if I disappear in the night or choke on a triscuit, or get triple audited I know that the PM truly has very thin skin and probably is a fascist.


I know one thing; there are two Federal Leaders I haven’t interviewed yet; Mr. Harper, and Mr. Ignatieff.   I give Mr. Harper’s media guy credit for telling me to go F*** myself, but Mr. Ignatieff’s people couldn’t be bothered to return an email or phone call.

Maybe I was all wrong about Stephen Harper?  Maybe he does have a sense of humour and does care for people other than Oil Barons, Americans, Albertans, and bankers other than from the TD?

It should be interesting when our online radio station is live in the next week to ten days and we start to go after politicos to guest on the show.   So Steve, do you have the cojones to pop in and chat for a few moments?

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  1. I love that video clip from Rick Mercer. He tells it like it is. He should be GG or PM.

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