Alleged “Killer Colonel” Russell Williams Retains Top Defense Lawyer – Finally relieved of Command as he Appears at First Court Hearing – Belleville Ontario – February 19, 2010

Michael Edelson is no stranger to court rooms defending alleged murderers, and has been retained by Colonel Russell Williams who appeared in a Belleville Ontario court yesterday.

Colonel Williams was only relieved of his command yesterday and will still receive his salary unless convicted .  If found guilty Colonel Williams would have to reimburse his salary as per military regulations.

Mary Elizabeth Harriman, Colonel Williams wife was escorted by police back into their Westboro home as their investigation there had finished.  She has been described as being in shock from the events.

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  1. I believe that particulars about the accused should be published but not the particulars about his wife and parents and brother .They are completely innocent and should be left alone -they are already suffering enough

  2. Edelson is an interesting choice. If what is alleged proves true, Williams with all his military discipline and experience must be a very sick person in desperate need of counselling.

  3. Edelson website had some interesting things to read. This firm represents the military?… so does that mean our tax dollars are paying for his defence?…and oh by the way check out their website and BEAWARE and AWARE…. as when I was on this Eldeson website the site ask me through “Adobe” if it could have access to my camera and microphone??? Isn’t that strange enough to make you wonder who can listen in to your home or see you and your children…hence the pedophiles, murderers and the criminal lawyers who defend and have jobs because of these crimes…

    Another thought I wanted to share upon my review is that:

    I am just wondering why nobody else has commented of this Commander’s photo’s of his younger years as Russ…he is showed in the picture as a man who seems to have brown eyes and wears glasses playing a trumpet…Isn’t it a law that you cannot be a Pilot if you do not have perfect vision? How do you get hired as a pilot under the obvious photos showing him with glasses. Is this the same man or not? Just something that I noticed and wanted to share

  4. Williams’s was part of the military elite. For their protection, for the sake of national defense I am shocked at how much was put at risk. We spend millions and exercise manpower of largess to shadow, confront and persecute marijuana users who pose no threat. Yet clearly, we spend no time to know what the powerful, with their differential opportunity for crime, may be engaged in. What further terrible events could have occurred had Williams’s been found out by some dark agent of influence as opposed to good Canadian police work? What would John Le Carre say about that I wonder?

    I wanted to highlight the waste of massive resources on Prohibition, perhaps at the cost of National Security. Not knowing what a Rogue Commander is doing or where he is for that many hours of the day for such a long time is not good discipline and comes really as a tremendous surprise. There’s no way to look his victims in the face.

  5. i am totally sick to think that a persong in comand of others for everyones safety would be doing such a horrible crimes
    still face his peers and comand as if nothing happened
    how sick was he really and for how long has he been doing these things
    my heart goes out to the victims families who endured so much at the hands of a (so called ) high ranking officer
    May the Lord bless and keep our troops safe

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