Americans living near Canadian Border Missing CBC Olympic Coverage – Complain about Coronation Street! – February 21, 2010

Wow, complaining about Coronation street; what are those US Americans thinking?  

The joys and pleasures of a Sunday morning romp through the week’s shows or simply catching up each evening on your local CBC affiliate.

We have satellite and even have the option of watching it on different stations from across Canada which is handy if you’ve got a busy schedule like I do.

Well it seems that there are quite a few Americans not happy with NBC’s coverage of the Olympics and miss the CBC coverage.  CTV purchased the rights to this years games for a whopping $150+ million dollars, but CTV is not on many border cities cable stations.

LINK Link to Coronation Street on CBC

“Dan Imby of Shelby Township, Mich., also found himself wandering from NBC to CBC. CTV is available over the air, but most viewers have replaced their antennas with cable or satellite television.

Imby cannot get CTV, and he says he feels stuck with NBC.

“I love watching the hockey on the CBC because they know the sport, they love it all,” Imby, 46, said. “This is only going to be the biggest event of the Olympics, hockey in Canada, and we have no hockey on the CBC. No Don Cherry, no Ron MacLean. Terrible. I always liked how the Canadians showed everything, not just their own teams.”

The loss of the CBC seems to be providing a boost to NBC affiliates along the border. There is no way to determine how many Americans watch Canadian programming, as ratings are determined only within the country.

Ratings for NBC affiliates in Seattle, Detroit and Buffalo have risen in the first week of the Vancouver Games. Detroit’s affiliate, WDIV, had a 55 percent rating increase for the first few days of coverage over the same period of the 2006 Turin Games.”

That’s one of the things that scares me about the government essentially mandating that we all move to cable or satellite television.   I miss having the ability to pull TV out of the air.   It’s still controlled on the web for the most part. We Canadians can’t pull in a HULU type service and I do believe that some of the cable companies offer web tv, but only to subscribers of their cable service.

The Freedom to watch Coronation Street, the Olympics, or unbiased news may one day not be anyone’s option.

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  1. Big Brother is watching you Coronation Street.

  2. So, you have a source for unbiased news? Please share!

  3. Author


  4. Coronation is addictive and you lose your freedom NOT to watch. DO NOT WATCH IT EVER OR BE DAMNED FOR LIFE.

  5. I was reading the Los Angeles Times. Not only are the Americans upset with NBC, they are quite vocal about it with their letters to the editor. Many four letter words are used.
    What do Americans and Jay leno have in common,………..both are angry with NBC, lol.

  6. Finally Canadians have something that the Americans don’t Boo Hoo! About time after all are they not the ones calling these Olympics the worst ever!!!!

  7. this article makes no sense.
    Corrie is on CBC and the olympics are on CTV.
    it hasn’t affected the corrie schedual one bit.
    anothe fin example of the sloppiness of brit news
    Ottawa, Canada

  8. You think you’re missing the CBC coverage….and you think NBC is brutal…be thankful you don’t have to watch CTV…egads…explain how they won again???

  9. Author

    I love the CBC except, well sorta love them; as much as possible being a Canadian, but whoever is in charge of their programming should be shot. Little Mosque on the Prairie? The good thing about CBC not getting the Olympics is that Coronation Street didn’t get bumped like they usually do.

  10. I find the Olympic coverage on CTV is much better than it used to be on CBC. The NBC coverage is really crappy hence the dissatisfaction in the U.S.Eh.

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