Tiger Woods has Apologized Publicly – Do you Buy the Spin?

People with a lot of money who get an itch usually find a way to get it scratched.     Tiger Woods is doing the “mea culpa, mea culpa” exercise right now.  His career is at stake and he has a team of professionals guiding him through this morass from lawyers, to PR people, to media gurus and spin doctors.

Stay out of sight until things simmer down a bit,    check.

Save marriage; at least for now,   check.

Come up with reason for having a really good time that many would admit to fantasizing about, but probably never act out.   check.

Get treatment so that the “issue” that caused this (getting caught of course being the big issue for Tiger and other celebs caught) is not to pop up again.   check.

Grovel to the public and apolgize for Tiger being Tiger.   check.

Do the family pick thing; maybe adopt a foreign child or country, donate to charity, spin story about perhaps never being able to golf again.  How family is more important than millions in endorsements;   check.

Have a surgical procedure to correct an injury preventing return to sports or some other reason to pique public into wanting their “hero” back on the green.    probably check.

Triumphant return from fall from Grace.  (see Michael Vick)  ….eventual check.

What do you think Canada?  Do you care about Tiger Woods personal life?   Do you think his scandal will prevent him from being a Golf Champion?   Post your comments and feel free to take our poll question.

Will Tiger Woods Make it Back to Golf Glory or will his scandal finish his career?

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  1. Staying at a “sexual rehab” centre? It’s like enroling a prize poodle in a social studies class.
    Tiger’s audience for his public confession was his Nike agent, a tv network rep, a golfing buddy and his mom.
    The “sexual rehab” centre should have provided Tiger with a quick public speaking practice run. His mea culpa was weak and tumbled into the rough.

  2. Maybe these affaires is what gave the guy his edge? Who cares what he did in his private life, he still is an amazing golfer.

  3. Moral of this sorry tale: let real tigers rule in the jungle, while golfers stick to fairways

  4. Tiger Wood’s personal life is exactly that, his personal life. Obviously he has some issues to work out with his wife.

    Michael Vick is an animal abuser. Totally different scenario. The damage done to that poor dog because of Michael Vick makes me sick to my stomach. And anyone that can do that to an animal needs to seriously have their head read. Last I checked, no harm or abuse came to any animals, while Tiger Woods was on his sexual romp.

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