Canada Loses 5-3 to Team USA in Men’s 2010 Winter Olympic Hockey Ryan Miller Hangs Tough – Brian Rafalski scores twice! – February 22, 2010

Brian Rafalski led Team USA to a  5-3 victory over his former Team mate Martin Brodeur with two goals and Canada’s Men’s Hockey team.

The US scored early and often in the fast paced game; one of the greatest ever scene in Olympic hockey.  Other US goals were by C. Drury, J. Langenbrunner, and R. Kesler into the empty net.    Goals scored for Canada were by Sydney Crosby, Dany Heatley, and Eric Staal.

Russia doubled the Czech Republic 4-2 – Hab Tomas Plekanec scored another goal in the losing cause.

Sweden and Finland had not started game play at press time.  We will update as scores come in.


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  1. Canada has no chance of winning a gold medal. We played like garbage and the men should be ashamed of themselves. Cory perry played like sXXX as did brodeur XXXX XXXX!

  2. Author

    Please do not make us have to edit or delete your posts by using really foul and nasty language. It’s not that we don’t respect our freedom to use such words God bless George Carlin wherever he is, but simply we do have the occasional person under 45 read this site.


  3. I think the fact that the admin say’s that users on this site are swearing only baits it out more. Anyways I agree, Brodeur was so risky with his puck handling and the penalties we got from Staal, Crosby, etc were just ridiculous. We were given our second chance when we lost to Switzerland. Hopefully Canada still has a few tricks up their sleeves.

  4. I agree, Brodeur was so risky with his puck handling and the penalties we got from Staal, Crosby, etc were just ridiculous. We were given our second chance when we lost to Switzerland. Hopefully Canada still has a few tricks up their sleeves.

  5. Author

    Hi Conrad, the only tricks they need is to win. They have to want it as they’re the most talented team at the Olympics.

  6. Sorry for double post earlier, computer was malfunctioning. I do think they had the drive to win, but I think the way we played was just too risky, as though we had the cat in the bag. I think this is a great wake up call for team Canada, and hopefully when we play against Germany and Russia we will show better drive and determination in winning, rather then playing so risky.

  7. It sure doesn’t take long for the naysayers to show up. We totally outshot the US but Miller was real hot in the US net. Since we now have to play an extra game we will have more time to play as a team. WE WILL WIN THE GOLD.

  8. An extra game for Canada may be what they need to help them gel. As a hockey fan, it was a great game. Last night, it was Miller time. We all know what happens when you run into a hot goaltender. Canada has a great team, but, so does USA. There is no shame in losing a hard fought game.

  9. Author

    No, it was a super game with a lot of skill and action. Wild watching team mates play against each other though. Could you imagine if one them injured a team mate with the play offs so close? No wonder the NHL doesn’t want anything to do with the Olympics.

  10. Don’t give up yet, you hit the nail right on the head! All you critics should be out on the ice to show Team Canada how its done.

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  12. Geez, he referenced George Carlin because of the profanity, he didn’t expect to get a sermon out of you as to what happened to George Carlin. So move on Pastor Tom. Talk about hockey, which is what this thread is about. If you have nothing to say about hockey, then don’t say anything. Talk about taking whatever opportunity you can get to pull the trigger on whatever anyone says!

    And Go Canada!

  13. Pastor Tom: All the guys you mention above, are they hockey players?

  14. Pastor- We don’t need your prosthelytizing; but we do need you to get on your god-damn knees and say a prayer for team Canada. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, BUDDY!

  15. Oh, by the way, pastor ; if there is a heaven as you speak of, I know that God would let Carlin in before you – atleast he had guts, all you have to say is a bunch of crap a small group of jews came up with thousands of years ago – you’ve got nuthin’, ya goof.

  16. I put my faith on this board in Admin, but I do not believe Andy Spencer says comments were helpful.

  17. Mmmmmm; me Eric, me speaky Quenns english, me no like andy spencer!

  18. I love our team Canada way, way more than any of your gods, folks.

  19. It was a great game. Brodeur did mishandle the puck. Canada should have, but did not, win. They ran into a hot goalie. These things happen. The world will not end…. George Carlin was great (even better than great, he was ground-breaking). I don’t think he would want god’s blessing (Not any of them, nor the Easter Bunny, nor Santa)… Thou ought not use such an outdated bible. They have now printeth the book in modern English. And we should let jesus speak for himself. Can he not type?

  20. I thought George Carlin WAS God!?

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